This is sweet

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This is also sweet …in a bondagy type of way :smiley:

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Sweet young girl :smiley:



back at that age, if my parents caught me saying that, it’d be a mouthful of soap for me. lol



Well I can be sweet sometimes , but I think I may have slipped up tonight.
I was going to post a Line conversation with an ex, but I would prefer to just relay it ( can’t work out this editing business on pics)
Her : I have learned how to make Pizza
Me : I’m afraid I just buy it
Her : You should eat better foods
Me : You mean my 7/11 Dumplings are bad?
Her : Don’t you miss a woman to cuddle with lol
Me : Of course , but I miss pizza more.

I must try harder :woozy_face:

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probably enough to give up your contact list

A study of 3,108 MIT students found that a whopping 98 percent of college students gave up their best friend’s email address when they were promised a free slice of pizza.