This Little Piggy Shortage

‘Pig-Jackin’ in tha PRC……could be a catchy tune…

[quote]This Little Piggy Shortage

Fat of the Land: Beijing has tapped the country’s official ‘pork reserve’

By Melinda Liu and Sam Siebert | NEWSWEEK, Feb 11, 2008 Issue

A new breed of criminal has emerged in China: “pigjackers.” Soaring pork prices in the People’s Republic have sent thieves roaring off with truckloads of hogs—and sometimes with smaller hauls, as was the case with the gang that was busted last year in Shenzhen trying to make off with 275 pounds of pork on a motorbike. A local newspaper valued the meat at upwards of $420, or roughly three times what a stolen motorbike might fetch in the city. Police easily caught the getaway bike; it couldn’t handle all that weight.(excert from article)[/quote]

pssst…hey buddy…that ain’t pig you’re munchin’ on… :sunglasses: