This may change your life

Not sure why Im even putting this here as I feel most people’s beliefs have been conditioned to a point where they will not accept anything outside the status quo. These vids provide some rather disturbing info that may change the way you view human rights,the legal system,taxes,and the you as a “PERSON”. 3 hours. … 956329335# … C8AA0BAE00

Here are a few warm up vids where the accused chooses their right to stand under common law not maritime law(corporate law) Fascinating stuff. UK … re=related Canada

Russell Anthony Porisky is just flat wrong. Follow him, and your life WILL change.

I hear that prison food is better than it used to be.

“If anyone feels the need to determine the accuracy and effectiveness of my beliefs and/or apply any of this information, I strongly recommend consulting a competent expert on this subject matter.” :roflmao: :roflmao: :roflmao: No SHIT, Sherlock! What a complete spanner!

I usually read the whole story before I summarize it.

I DID read it. Kind of, when the sniggering didn’t overcome me and make my eyes water. Still, That above was HIS quote, not mine. Even HE realizes what a tool he is. But yeah, its the Internet and even if you fully admit on your own website that you’re a plonker who should not be taken seriously, there are still those who … ah well. Takes all sorts, I suppose. He’s making his clickthrough cash, I guess.