This might increase your shelf life in Taiwan

Moderator Note: Very graphic.

Here is a clip of some pretty brutal man vs vehicle accidents. Never drive on auto pilot,you just never know what’s around the corner.

That was a fucking eye-opening clip that’s for sure. :astonished:

Safe for work?

There’s no tits, ass, or schlongs but it is very graphic in nature.

The music was creepy. I wouldn’t recommend clicking that whilst sitting at a computer with kids behind you (aka not safe for some work.)


God I hate cars.

Yep seen that a few times. The craziest is the F1 car that cuts a man clean in half.

Ulp. Thanks for the warning Mordeth – now I won’t watch it. :sick:

What a video… The first thing they teached me before I started to work as reace security/flag post (how ever you call that in English…) was: “Your safty first!”
I expect if they would have been showing that video, well I guess I wouldn’t start the job at all…

And I was always wondering how they never hit any people on this WRC events while going with 200 km/h on a icy narrow road through the forest (Sweden rally…) :loco:

A high school classmate of mine, who was in the Knights Drum & Bugle Corps with me, was behind a chainlink fence at a monster truck rally in the States. Suddenly one of the trucks barrelled straight at the fence (the accelerator stuck or something) and killed him instantly, injuring others too. Another time, I was at a Knights show, and an ultralight plane was taking off on a large grassy strip (where I was standing at the time) behind the stadium. Suddenly a strong crosswind caught it right as it was lifting off. It veered out of control, narrowly missed small groups of people and slammed into a trailer or something. The pilot survived with broken bones, but the plane was destroyed. Had it veered the other way it might have hit me.
It’s just not safe to be near racing and flying vehicles, period.