This ones for you Mordeath

So I am walking my dog the other morning and I see this asshole in the hills by my place pulling all the garbage out of his V.W van onto the street. I look at him he looks at me.

I walk away but over my shoulder I see that assfuck has ignited the trash and is just burning his pile of plastic trash on the street in front of my apt!

I think to my self W.W.M.D? (What would mordeath do)?

Camera phone click click.

I yell “oi asshole what the fuck?”
I walk over to the guy who jumps in his van and locks the doors and I scrape up the burning plastic up with a big leaf and smear it across his windows and door.

Then I point at my head with the hand finger gun pull the trigger, smile and walk away.

As soon as my back is turned he throws open the door and tries to sucker punch me, but not even a real punch you know those girlie half-fist bitch slap things.

I turn around and smile, drop the dog lease and take one step towards him. Pussyface is back in his van in half a second on the phone to the cops. “Crazy foreigner, fight, help! bla bla blah.”

Still smiling I walk back to his window and show him the picture on my phone of him with his flaming pile of garbage.

He hangs up his phone and starts the van and drives away, well actually he tried to squeal his tires but dumped the clutch and stalled it first, then he managed to limp away.

Ahh the humanity.

:bravo: :laughing: The picture, please!

+12345 TTIWWOP :smiley:

… and of course, forward the pix to the EPA as long as the license plate is in there.

The pic please…Priceless. You got his license number on film as well I assume?

But please as a safety reminder be careful what you take pictures of…At least one forumosan has come to grief while photographing illegal passing and had to endure some physical abuse because of it…Being stuck in traffic, unable to move and outnumbered 15 to one with his SO in the car, he wisely chose not to act.

The frustrating thing here was that there was a large group of us out on bikes that day, and were only 5 minutes away when it happened. :fume:


^^^ Would you like to share that story with us MJB, or a link?

good advice. scooter riders and truck drivers in particular are not the be messed with. they can amass friends in no time at all.

This person is a regular here and I’ll let him post his version…He’s a far better writer than yours truly.

That’s great, you the man :smiley:

Just read the post. Good job.

I’m guessing you don’t have the proper cable to transfer the pic to the P.C. . My roommate has the same problem…I found the cord for my phone luckily.

I haven’t had any adventures recently. But I have been noticing people throwing garbage out of cars recently (more than usuall). And today I noticed some people had a full fledged picnic in my park and left tons of garbage…which began to blow and cover a good portion of the park.

I fanticized for awhile about the things I’d like to have done to them. I wish you had waited for the police to come instead of showing him the pic though…woulda been nice for you to mildly beat his car while he sat inside waiting for the police…and then the police give him a ticket for littering.

Classic! LOL.