This question was the difference at trivia night

this question below was the difference at the local library’s trivia night:
what kind of animal is a budgie?

Er… is it a trick question? Otherwise, I’d say it’s a bird - short for budgerigar :idunno:

I concur:

Ah, I wasn’t sure whether they were specifically Australian - that would tend to make things tricky for some of you :slight_smile:

Kylie Minogue = “The Singing Budgie”

But an even better question: What are “budgie smugglers”?

Answer: men’s Speedos (swim briefs)

I remember water-skiing budgies being mentioned in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

There’s a bit of trivia for you.

yeah, we put “bird” but the answer they accepted was “parakeet”. lost by one. :fume:

You were robbed.

If the answer was ‘parakeet’, they should have asked ‘What kind of bird is a budgie?’.