This really pisses me off

Found this in my email this morning:

"Hello dear Jennifer!

DO you wanna see shocking brutal rapes?


shocking materials
brutal gun rapes
hard defloration
and more…


100% RAPE !!!

Women screaming in horror and pain.
You must see it!"

Sick, sick, sick! and to get junk like this filling up my mailbox really makes me mad. Usually I have no problem just hitting ‘delete’ but there must be something I can do to get off of these mailing lists!!!

And while we’re at it, is there anything we can do to shut sites like this down? Plain old porn I can ignore, but this kind of garbage is disgusting (and evil).


Doubt it will help much, but… … index.html

I hear your disgust.

Since the collapse of the e-dot hype, the only dotcoms besides ‘ebay’ doing well & making money are sex-related sites. With this trend increasing in numbers. Check out the below survey of our region.

Now, this extremism of advocating ‘rape’ is crossing the line, and like you say should be prevented–but that is going into the area of ‘freedom of speech’? Not sure how to shut them down in the practical sensel, seeing the prevalence of such ‘extreme’ materials on the net–especially since this is a ‘mega bucks’ industry. And especially now that Asia is getting wired & hooked to them.

What is the law in Taiwan, regarding ‘indescent material’ being promoted on the internet? Care for anyone to comment. Thanks.

From Taipei Times–March 10, 2002

Pornographic Web sites become big draw in the region


More Asians are flocking to pornographic Web sites, with South Koreans posting the biggest rise among the four regional economies polled in a survey released yesterday.

All four markets surveyed – South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore – posted double-digit growth rates in the number of visitors to porn sites, research firm NetValue said.

The number of South Koreans visiting porn sites in March grew 72 percent to 10.73 million from 6.23 million a year ago, NetValue said.

In second place was Hong Kong, which saw a 43 percent rise to 715,700 visitors from 501,600.

Taiwan saw the third biggest increment of 30 percent as 2.54 million visitors went to porn sites in March, compared with 1.96 million 12 months ago.

Singapore saw the smallest rise of 29 percent with 373,100 visitors, versus 288,800 last year.[/url]

Jennifer, I’ve found to be a pretty useful application. You download and install it (free) then click on the desktop icon BEFORE you open your email software.

It shows a list of your emails, with the option of deleting them before they enter your mailbox.

Better still, it tells you of the virus risk of each email.

Best yet, it offers you the option of “bouncing” any offensive/unsolicited mail back to the sender, so that the sender thinks yours is not a valid email address, which means it’ll be taken off their automated mailing list.

I’ve been using it for about a month and my spam has dropped by at least 80%.

It won’t work on web-based email accounts such as Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.

Thanks, I’ve actually read good things about this program in the last few months. I’ll check it out.



This type of thing is very disturbing, but not all to surprising. If any of you have stayed up late nights and watched some of the trashy Japanese movies that show up on the Taiwan cable channels late at night you’d see that this type of thing is rather common and not at all abnormal in the Japanese fetish realm. Disturbing? Yes. Wrong? Yes. But apparently okay to be aroused by such disturbing things for men in Japan! Sick !&@#*!!!

However, regarding the website that you were spammed about, most likely this is not for real. I know it still upsets you, but in most cases this is a hook to get you to go to the site. Most countries in the world ban and confiscate this type of material, often leading to imprisonment of the parties responsible for publishing such content. I happened to work for an internet screening company during the dot-com craze, most of the time involving looking at, rating, and often reporting such sites to the FBI and other authorities. 99.9% of them are bogus, and they will state such things to lure in the curious and sick folks that enjoy seeing these disturbing things.

If you want to see what I’m talking about, go into any search engine and type in anything like “child” “kiddie” “illegal” preceeding “porn” or “sex” and you’ll see there are literally thousands of results. Fortunately, they are all bogus, as these sites that really do exist would never advertise publicly that they do. Just discard it as sick marketing scam for the sick-minded folks that really want to see this stuff.

As for filtering this stuff out, there’s little that can be done. If you’ve ever signed up for anything online your name, email address, and all kinds of unwanted information could be sold to lists for upcoming net moneymakers to spam you until you explode! Even if you haven’t you’re going to get this crap anyway. It’s best to use a filtering service for your email, if available, although even these only work half the time. I just delete them as they come and move on. It’s a sick, sick world we live in!

I’m not an internet expert, but I think my friend has a good idea. He has two accounts; one he uses for regular stuff, and one he uses solely for signing onto websites and such. The latter gets all the spam, and the former rarely, if ever, gets any.

Great idea! Nowadays I carry my e-shotgun in full view and just fire away at that delete button that Yahoo makes so readily available. Found out that getting frustrated and angry for months just made things worse. You can always report the spammers, too, as most of it is illegal. I did it for a month or so, and got tired of doing it 20-30 times each day. After a while you realize it just doesn’t end!

One thought: If everyone wrote their senators, congressmen (fill in the title of your political representatives for your home country) there’s a chance they may step up and tighten the laws on spamming. Until several months ago it was illegal in the U.S. Now there are “fine lines” that solicitors must stay within. Most ignore them however, but with enough public outcry things could be changed. Rise up, good people, and fight for your privacy! :smiley:

A better method: Get disposable e-mail accounts. They are interim e-mail addresses that forward e-mail to your real address. When you start getting spam, just dump the interim account. Maybe you don’t know what I’m talking about…Never mind - have a look at SneakEmail. This is a free service. When you have found out how useful it is, you might be inclined to send them a donation.

About the nasty web sites. Sometimes they are hosted by a service that has terms of service (T.O.S.) that are broken by the site. I have got numerous spammer sites kicked off GeoCities, Tripod, NetFirms etc. for breaking their T.O.S. e.g. porn, counterfeit software or spam web site promotion.

Robert Allen America’s Number One Millionaire Maker Needs …

the extent of CRAP in my hotmail inboxes…

jrc, Alien and Mianbao, I advise you not to have your e-mail address posted all over Segue. These mailto links are harvested by web bots and then sold to spammers. I suggest you stick to recieving private messages. If you have to post your e-mail address anywhere, you can disguise it by adding letters like so: - or some variant. This is called “munging”, I think. It is better to put the extra stuff somewhere after the @.

That’s good advice, Juba, thanks. I’ve noticed that on the Yahoo a/c I use only for Segue, I’ve already received a couple of spams, albeit benign ones.

Good advice–thanks!

I can understand why my Yahoo account would get so much spam because I’ve posted it in quite a few places for about 4 years now, but now I’m getting this garbage in mail through my own domain.

I’ve been meaning to use some javascript that keeps web bots from harvesting the email addresses but it hasn’t been at the top of my TO DO list… any down side to using javascript (for this purpose) that you know of?


Sandman, I’ll bet Yahoo made your address available themselves… check your settings, I can’t remember where, but it might be somewhere in the fine print. Is it a new account?


BBC, I think I remember reading that article. It would be interesting to see some responses to your post. I get worked up on this subject too not because I’m up tight about sex and porn, but because I seen how addictive it is, and how it can lead to some serious trouble for marriages and families–bad news for our children.

Mianbao, I agree that some of it is bogus to just get you to go to a site, but I once followed a link out of curiosity and there were photos of women with animals, so uh, I guess it’s not all bogus. And on Ebay, there’s a guy who sells poufy little girls’ dresses with ruffles and lace, and shoes/socks to go with, but sized for ADULT MEN. Nothing surprises me anymore… I just think this is a pretty scary world we live in.


I have received many 401’s recently… Do any of you think the African goons are harvesting emails from segue?

I usually send them a letter offering to sell them the Eiffel tower, however, it doesn’t work all that well. do you pull a buddy weiserman off on the guys or???

You’re right about these sites often breaking rules, and sometimes laws. As I mentioned in my original post people can report these spammers and they are often booted for such behaviour. Unfortunately, these services allow anyone to start up new accounts at any time and have multiple accounts simultaneously, so if it happens they just revert to another account and continue their devious mailing.

I was rampant in reporting these for about a month and realized that it was costing me too much time and that I still get just as much crap, so it seemed I was outnumbered in my efforts and I gave up. Now I take it as just a part of the game of having free internet-based email and delete them as I enter my box each time.

Thanks for the input and suggestion! :slight_smile:

There is actual rape footage floating around the internet. A lot of it is from Indonesia a few years ago, also some from Yugoslavia. It’s mainly preserved for nationalist reasons rather than pornographic–for instance, by mainland Chinese who want their country to attack Indonesia in revenge.

Interesting male psychological fact: many more men will click on a site that shows women being “choked” by a huge cock than merely sucking that huge cock. Of course, in real life choking is not fun. Real rape is nothing like rape fantasies, which are common enough. But violence is very much a part of the male psyche.

Bestiality doesn’t bother me-if somebody wants to seduce a sheep, then God bless 'em both, I say. My favorite bit of weirdness (conceptually, not for me to participate in personally!) is “bukazi” which is where a bunch of Japanese men get in a room and masturbate together, with one woman (I guess it could be a man too) in the middle, waiting to be squirted with their semen. I would personally like to see a video of the Japanese empress receiving bukazi from a group of burukumin (the lowest Japanese caste) as a kind of state apology. Maybe I should get into the internet porn business, I bet there’s a niche for this.

Anyone who runs a web server can help the anti-spam struggle by running WebPoison or a teergrube (tarpit), which are programs designed to trick, trap or slow down those robots that go around harvesting e-mail addresses. I am getting out of my depth here technically, but the server-savvy will know what I’m talking about. As a mere dabbler in html, all I have been able to do is to make static web pages with links to other people’s WebPoison URLs - A page like that should have an instruction in the header to stop legitimate robots following the links - The spam bots don’t follow the rules, so they fall into the trap. :smiling_imp: You can also plant spammers’ own e-mail addresses or those of unpleasant people like here and there so that they get harvested and the spammers get spammed! :smiling_imp: Hyuk, hyuk, hyuk.

Vincent, you must have a split personality or something. In some of your posts you come off as a spiritual man, and then this post about bestiality (God bless 'em?!) and the Empress of Japan-- :?