This was fun to read: Learning to Love My Incomprehensible Kiwi Accent

The same friend spent a month thinking that I was in New York to study the Baltics, not politics. For a week, another acquaintance thought my name was Pip, not Pete. A New Zealand friend and I were confused when an American reacted with horror to our remark that we liked “a good tramp”: they didn’t realize we meant hiking. I know New Zealanders on both coasts of America who have had to flap their arms like wings to explain to supermarket attendants that they were looking for eggs.

American friends find me harder to understand than other international students from Brazil, India, Chile and Finland. Two of my New Zealand friends routinely rely on colleagues from Denmark and Sweden, respectively, to translate their Kiwi accent for Americans.

I have a friend in Xindian who was born and raised in Taiwan, and went to high school in New Zealand. I always thought the way she spoke English was… just… different and I couldn’t place exactly why. I guess I know now

“A Third Murder” LOL

And this was funny, too, but in a different way


It’s a brilliant accent, i want some aeygzzz, do you have any aeygzzzz.


I worked with a Kiwi back in Oz and he used to get angry at his a computer

I’d say “Jordan’s cracked the shuts”

He’d reply “Yep, I’ve cracked the sheeets”

And this is why Kiwis and Aussies are friends :joy:

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