This weather is keeping me off my bike!

Original Title: Let’s beat Mother Nature down…and shoot her in the face!

I got my “big bike” license. Bought a bike. That was over a month ago…and I’ve ridden it less than 5 times…Fricking weather…and with no end in sight. :fume:

OK Coon Ass…what did you get?

What bike?

Like your new avatar by the way. Not into smilies on the whole but that one’s good.

Same here. But my situation is even worst. Bought my bike 2 weeks ago and have been out twice. I heard this lovely weather will be around until next weekend. :frowning:

And the CWB says…You’re both screwed.

Congratulations to the both of you on your new purchases…But they’re going to be parked for at least 7 more days.

Bring on the sun! :help:

why do you guys allow th weather to determine your schedules?

I’d be out every fargin day off I had a Big Bike.

Ever hear of rain gear?


Envious in Ying Ge

[quote=“jdsmith”]why do you guys allow th weather to determine your schedules?

I’d be out every fargin day off I had a Big Bike.

Ever hear of rain gear?


Envious in Ying Ge[/quote]

I’m envious too, but the novelty wears off pretty quickly when you are drenched and cold everytime out. The CWB has updated it’s forcast, and says the end is in sight by the 5th. However, it comes in the form of a cold front, lows of 6C… :s

Guys, keep them in the garage and wait…It will make the next ride just that much sweeter :sunglasses:


ride south.

the weather is always better in taichng

Rain held off yesterday. Went shopping then went into the hills – on my Dio 50! Surprisingly nippy actually.

Saw a big Ducati Multistrada in town. Expected to hear a nice engine roar as the lights went green but instead he put-putted away like any obasan.

I got the same bike as my avatar. The whole experience was up and down. Currently I’ve been feeling better about buying it…but there was a time I was thinking of selling it right away and taking a loss. I’m good now though.

Kawasaski rider has a crazy bike. It wouldn’t be proper for him to brag…so I’ll do it for him :sunglasses: . The thing is 1000cc and is smaller in size and weight than most 600cc (including my own :frowning: )…and has 175hp stock. You can wheelie it (if that’s your thing) in 1st-4th gear without the clutch. It can hit 160 km/hr…not impressive? I’m talking about in 1st gear…then it still has five more. Lots of people are familiar with the Hayabusa…the Kwak is 100 pounds lighter with more horses.

My bike on the other hand is a very common mid-range sports bike. That I still need to learn how to ride…Stay safe Kwaker.

P.S. The last time I was in the mountains…I saw a foreigner riding a 600cc sports bike that he had rented. Cost him 3000 N.T. for the day. And I’m guessing he didn’t have the proper license or whatnot…probably just need a credit card.

Sorry your title got changed, that was hilarious!

Yeah, contrary to some peoples thinking I made this post in the first place because I just liked my “shoot Mother Nature in the face” title and not to brag about buying a bike. I thought it was a funny title and wanted an excuse to post it. Oh well.

Oh, I just noticed the title is still at the top of the first post…well, that’s alright then… :slight_smile:

I hate this weather. You can’t do anything in it, let alone ride.

Even England was never this bad. It rained but not for weeks at a time like this.

Moredeth, how much did it cost you to buy your new bike?

As jdsmith says, it’s better in Taichung! There’s been a fair bit of rain here over the last few days but also some patchy sunshine.

[quote=“Dangermouse”]Even England was never this bad. It rained but not for weeks at a time like this.[/quote]Surely Manchester’s as bad or worse? There might be a lot of rain in Taipei but you must get your share of sunny days. That’s what gets me down about British weather – weeks of boring, bleak, overcast skies. At least torrential rain is quite dramatic. Pity not many (none?) of us have log fires to snuggle up in front of while listening to it.


Moredeth, how much did it cost you to buy your new bike?[/quote]

It was second hand. I got it 100k less than new. If you want to know what a new one costs, just call any shop that carries them, every city has at least one. With a lot of very good functional after-market mods about 80k worth. I got a bank loan…through a friend. Well actually I was told I could get a loan…but no bank would do it. So my friend…not really a friend actually…more like an aquaintance borrowed the money for me. And now I’m paying him back. I’ll probably save up and try and pay it off in one year. But it’s hard since sports bikes need new tires almost every other month. Crazy.

Thanks for bragging for me Mordeth. I know the bike will be more than most Taiwanese roads can allow, but it is just nice to know you have that kind of power to leave everyone in your dust. Looks like today is dry enough to let my green monster out to play. :smiling_imp:

this weather reminds me of the isle of man… it’s nice and scenic and a nice change and all, but when you want to get out on the roads on your bike, it extremely irritating… i did a short run around on Sunday afternoon, wasn’t too bad, just a bit cold and the wet in places road surface kept things more sedate than usual… has fun testing the ABS on slippery roads though…

@Kawa Rider… nice bike, but be careful… I already know one guy who’s binned it on a 10R in Taiwan… rock hard, track biased stock suspension and a hair trigger throttle don’t get on well with shitty, bumpy, uneven, dusty Taiwan road surfaces… he got away with a broken bike and a broken leg, but he was lucky… he also shouldn’t have been on a 10R as his first real bike :noway: you’ll need to set the sag and then fine tune the suspension to your weight and riding style, even then TW roads almost demand aftermarket suspension… luckily Ohlins gold goes so well with Kawasaki green… :smiley:

Thanks for the hints Plasmatron. This is the 10th big bore big, 6th in Taiwan I have owened, so I understand completely what you say about the 10R. This is my 2nd Kwak, I had a ZRX before and it felt like riding a merry-go-round sometimes. Kwaks have excellent engines, compact, reliable, and powerful, but poor suspension. The 10R from what I can guage so far is far more ridgit and stiff. 1-4k rpm on the throttle is a bit hesistant, then from 5k-8k buckle-up for lift off, then at 10k prepare for warp speed and the world around you just becomes a blur. Rode a CBR 929 before, but nothing is as mental and can give you a rush like the 10R. This bike is not for novices or the faint at heart. That guy was brainless for buying a 10R as his first bike. :loco: If my memory serves me right, you own a Bimmer R1200GS, we should hook-up with Mordeth and kick up some dust in the mountains sometimes. :laughing:

I am in awe of the performance capabilities of bikes like you guys are talking about, but one of the reasons I love the rain is that it keeps people off their motorcycles and therefore the air a lot cleaner. Yeah, yeah I know your bikes burn fuel so effeciently they could probably run on smog…

Mother Nature made animals.

Humans are animals.

Mother nature made humans invent motorcycles.

Mother Nature is responsible for motorcycles.

Taking motorcycles out of the food chain will allow scooters to thrive.

Mother Nature created the environment.

Motorcycles pollute.

The environment adapts to pollution constantly to the extent that many former pollutants are no longer pollutants.

Pollutants come from motorcycles.

Motorcycles are created by man

Man, an animal, was created by Mother Nature.

Therefore, pollution is Mother Natures doing.

Don’t worry about it too much, bob.