This Week’s WTF Story Award Goes to… (2021 edition)

Maybe we can have the death penalty but the responsible judges and state attorneys will be put on death row too, if they sentence an innocent person to death.




It seems that refusing to wear a mask is the same as fighting Hitler.

A Canadian professor threatened to fail a student who returned to Myanmar because of Covid, then reported that he might not be able to complete an online test because the government was shutting down the Internet.

“Even the internet came down with Covid-19?” the professor sai
“The internet did not come down with [Covid-19]. There was a military coup where I am living and almost 200 protesters have been shot [as of] now,” the student wrote. “The regime has decided to shut off all communications by tomorrow.”

The professor was skeptical:

“By the way, your remarks (both related to this course and to your home country) made me wonder how you understand reality,” he continued.
“People don’t get shot for just protesting,
but for a lot deeper reasons.”




I’m not sure whether this is common-or-garden wokeness, or pathological delusion.

Not wokeness, the prof is probably just ignorant of what is going on in Myanmar, and tired of students asking for exemptions. And quite likely an asshole.

Students constantly asking for exemptions is a growing problem in Canadian universities, so I sympathize, but in this case the prof probably should have looked into what is happening in Myanmar before having an opinion.

The woke thing to do would be just give the exemption, which isn’t the case here.

Maybe, but it seems to me that a principal component of wokeness is a complete ignorance (usually deliberate) of the way things are done outside of some small woke community. There be dragons, and barbarians, and they’re irrelevant to the woke agenda.

If the student had complained of being discriminated against on the basis of his non-binary orientation and suffering from inconsolable distress, he probably would have got his hall pass :slight_smile:

But yeah, “asshole” seems the simplest explanation …

hold my beer

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Well, he certainly earned his nickname.

Probably better to go out like that than propped up in front of daytime TV with your prescription pills and a ready meal for one.

That was more than a year ago!

it was a response to another post about flat earthers on another thread, i guess someone decided to move it…

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Despite not being “this week’s WTF story,” its value lives on! :rofl:


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I like the Internet meme in response to flat-earthers:
“If the Earth was flat, cats would have knocked everything off the edge by now.”



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The word “thugs” comes to mind.

With the recent shootings in the news and this 1990s-style abduction, one wonders how the pandemic has affected the gangster subculture of Taiwan—especially concerning their ability to move around in China and SE Asia (and elsewhere) to do their thing.


That goes without saying, but this is particularly stupid.