This Week’s WTF Story Award Goes to… (2022 edition)

Head has not been found yet.

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The news report is wack!

If not a homicide, did he just lose his head and simply misplace it?

A headless corpse, so there is suspicion he was decapitated?



One down, one to go!

In fairness, it could have been some sort of accident. I used to think a lot of these weird phrasings were due to translation issues however have come to see that the Chinese versions are likely just as bad or even worse.

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But, if it were merely an accident don’t you think his head would be somewhere nearby?

Also it’s weird for the article to say suspected decapitation when in fact the head is missing from the corpse! There is no suspicion that it was decapitation because in fact the body is decapitated!


Today keeps on giving.

While climbing up to grab something, a man surnamed Lin (林) accidentally fell, and as he landed, a fishing rod punctured his lower jaw and exited his eye socket


Here’s my nomination for the WTF news story of the week.

China’s President Xi Jinping, centre, tours Imperial College London with Prince Andrew and former chancellor George Osbourne on a state visit in 2015. Photograph: Anthony Devlin/AP

From the story linked below:

Charles Parton, a China expert at the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), said that the UK had been “sleepwalking” into partnerships that posed a threat to national interests. “Finally we’ve woken up and are now beginning to get an idea of what’s going on,” he said. “The distinction is narrowing between what is a civilian and military use. We really shouldn’t be helping a hostile power."



The UK has a long and sordid history of selling weapons and related technology to potentially hostile powers. The USSR got their first jet engines (which they promptly ripped off) from Rolls-Royce in the 40s.

A development in this case.

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In a case that shocked the country, the bodies were discovered by strangers who had bought the abandoned suitcases from a storage unit in Auckland.

Holy shit.

How the fuck can you kill your own kids?


They should have a coroner check her body for signs of rape.




Just the result of a long period of abstinence :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Latest zombie movie- plant-based meat becomes popular, then sudden outbreak of people chomping on their fellows, which spreads…