'Thomas Cook' company is bankrupt 🛬

Make sure to make arrangements if your travel plans are affected.

Thomas Cook has struggled to cope with a £1.7bn debt burden.

Twas Brexit

I was having trouble making sense of how Appple CEO could be bankrupt, or why it would affect 150k other people.

TIM Cook, not TOM


Dammit are my travellers checks now worthless? I was saving them for some rainy daze…

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Why would you use that anyway?

Check their website:

Oh wait…

I’m amazed that so many people still go on package holidays.


This has been a slow grinding death over the last few weeks, but ATOL couldn’t do anything until they officially went bankrupt.

I was reading something about it will cost the uk taxpayers £300m In repatriation cost extra, but the company only needed £200m bailout to cover the takeover that fell through.

But uk law prevented the government from stepping in even to save money / jobs as this is a private company.

Have you met the average English person lately?

They can barely find their mouths with a fork. God forbid finding an atlas and figuring out which country’s which.

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Their world geography isn’t bad

Just having trouble finding their way out of Europe :wink:

I’m very surprised that Chinese investors didn’t proactively and protectively rescue it.

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Mail to Bojo about that, he’s a genius!

BJ will send them second hand buses to get them home.

He could hold a referendum and see how many of them want to leave :wink:

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How many want to come back you mean ? Some of them might be better off where they are. :grin:

He should stand in front of a sign of drunken Brits in Malaga with a statement ‘Breaking Point…No More !’

‘But uk law prevented the government from stepping in even to save money / jobs as this is a private company.’

Banks they saved were not ‘private’ companies!:thinking:

I think that’s what lead to it being changed.

Ironically one of the main creditors that made a late demand for £200m was RBS, a bank that wouldn’t exist now if it hadn’t been bailed out by the government a decade ago.

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You couldn’t make it up, could you.

Don’t just book it, Thomas fook it!

They were saying on the radio that it was failure to adapt to the economic reality of the 21st century. (Maybe that’s the same thing?)

They were also saying it’s the UK’s largest state sponsored movement of people since WWII.