Thomas meats


Any one ever got any 100% NZ or Australian grass feed beef from

These guys




Taste awful and over priced.


So you got beef from them and it was


I’ve never got beef from them, but what I’ve been there a few times and I’ve liked most of it. I think for some things you need a certain palate to appreciate it. It is very expensive, though.


How expensive


Seemed pretty outrageous when I looked. They had a thing set up in Bellavita for a while.


They do delivery, so they have a website with prices. It’s pretty expensive.


I really didn’t see anyone buy anything from them there ever. There’s a Thomas meat store by my house as well. And I rarely see anyone in there as I walk by. I don’t know how they stay in business.


When I’m in Melbourne I pay around
250nt for a grass feed 100% beef steak. From Woolworths supermarket.
Which does me for two days .

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I went to a Thomas meats store and everything I saw was frozen. I was expecting a butcher shop.

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I know, I thought it was insane to pay those prices for frozen meat.


I’m not sure about now but they did have butcher services for some products. You might have to ask what’s available now. I don’t think their sales are high enough to butcher everything fresh. A lot of it is imported so it’s frozen anyway.


I have been looking for a place that offers a good sized beef rump roast for a looooong time. Costco is the only place that comes close, but Costco’s cuts of meat are not really cuts of meat for a proper roast.

Any ideas?


Tienmu Carrefour? I’ll take a look next time I’m in

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Also somewhat disppointed in the meat vs its pricepoint, cannot find a proper thicker cut of steak out of their entire selection.


Yes let me know if you find any in careefour


It would not be very safe to buy unfrozen meat in Taiwan.


Because off the heat . I see



You buy all your meat frozen? Really? I buy chicken and pork from the open air markets all the time. About as fresh as you can get! Slaughtered the same day.


Yeah, that’s why 75% of all Taiwanese people are dead.