Those of you into recreational drug use

Should drugs be legalised?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Decriminalised, but not legalised
  • Just marijuana
  • Pass the corn chips

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i have learned that some of you all whom i have met and come to care for are into rec drug use. maybe i’m wrong about drugs. maybe they’re not as dangerous as i think, but i would hope for all of you that’s its a “been there, done that, but not anymore” kind of thing. and leastways, do you wanna be the ONLY white/black person in a taiwan prison? one toke ain’t worth what you’ll get in the prison shower i guarantee you.if there’s a raid on an establishment at you’re at the table when the ecstacy is being laid out, what are you gonna say?

Ok Mum.

Put this in your pipe and smoke it.

New avatar, Ranty?

You are right about one thing…getting high in bars/pubs/clubs here is pretty stupid. At least walk across the street to the park or something.

That’s quality merchandise that is :bravo:

That’s quality merchandise that is :bravo:[/quote]

Yeah, old Max calls 'em as he sees 'em. Search the letters to the editor from that issue. There is a real heartfelt message from the wife of an RCMP officer.

Cheers. That letter is just, well, spot on.

[quote=“Grand Funk Railroad”]Walls and bars, they surround me
But these walls wont keep that grass from me
No no
I’ll keep smoking that thing.[/quote]

i’m not judging anybody. but i’m just wondering what altered consciousness offers that unaltered cannot. i’ve never quite understood the desire to alter one’s reality perception. perhaps some of you can enlighten me.

Never had a beer?

Never had a beer?[/quote]

You beat me to it, butcher boy. Hard to think of a better example of a recreational drug than alchohol. I realize that this is not what ran is talking about when he says “Don’t do something illegal; it’s not worth it.” But alchohol certainly applies to the second part of his statement.

As for what altered consciousness offers that unaltered cannot, I truly believe that the answer is in the question. By definition, it is a different way of looking at things, thinking about things, and (often) interacting with people. Maybe you like it, maybe you don’t. But it’s pretty hard to argue that it does not offer something that an unaltered consciousness cannot.

i’m a red wine drinker though not heavily so. i dislike the feeling of being “altered” in some way and will stop when i feel that coming on. if any of you have experienced depersonalization/ derealization, it’s not a fun experience. i’ve heard that drugs can cause it later in life. also dopa disorder where you stand like a statue like in the movie with robin williams and deniro. that’s scary.
as for drugs opening creative pathways in the brain, there’s a drug that a lot of musicians are taking now that helps you play better, but i’ve forgotten what it’s called. i sometimes feel befuddled. i guess i need it.
my friend told me he saw an 8 foot tall catepillar driving a 20 foot high truck while he was on acid. hey let’s make this fun: what’s the freakest thing you’ve seen while high?

What about mood-altering drugs? You use those, right? :wink:

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mood altering drugs: well some people need them. why would we want to play with them? i mean an anti depressant could cause hysteria, or worse, a heart attack… a “calmer downer” could cause depression. there are lots of reasons i wouldn’t want to try these things outside of their medical use. they’re dangerous enough in that context.

There’s no need to force your lifestyle choices on others.

[quote=“Steve Winwood”]Sometimes I feel like I’m fading away
You’re looking at me, I’ve got nothing to say
Don’t make me angry with the games that you play
Either light up or leave me alone

You walk in my room, you lie in my bed
You open your mouth, shoot someone dead
All of a sudden you’re inside my head
Either light up or leave me alone

Spending my bread like it grew on a tree
You’re trying to tell me 'bout the birds and the bees
The skirt that you’re wearing is way past your knees
Either light up or leave me alone

You’re up all night preaching your mind
Come home in the morning with your latest find
I’m gonna have to lay it to you straight on the line
Either light up or leave me alone [/quote]

So you use drugs to control your moods, but get upset at others who use drugs recreationally? Seems hypocritical to me. I don’t use drugs (did in my uni years), nor do I take any sort of psychological medicine. However, Ran if you do take medicine for mood controls, you shouldn’t criticize people who take the former. People get their kicks in different ways. For me, its natural highs including beer.

No doubt its not a fun experience. I have heard of the odd glass of wine effecting people badly, symtoms include wife beating, car crashing etc etc. All depends on the person I think.

Sounds very dramatic. I wander how common though? How much do you have to do? Now I know that cirrhosis of the liver may not be as dramatic for those wanting film scripts, but I suspect it is much more of a public health problem than dopa disorder.

my friend told me he saw an 8 foot tall catepillar driving a 20 foot high truck while he was on acid. hey let’s make this fun: what’s the freakest thing you’ve seen while high?[/quote]

I have never seen anyting whilst using a variety of ‘threats to society’. I tend to take those kind of storries with a pinch of salt. Though maybe if you use a high enough dose…

‘Druggies’ come in all shapes and sizes and attitudes. Some take to drugs like alcoholics take to booze. They really are better off never starting. Others treat drugs the same way that occasional recreational drinkers do beer, wine, whiskey etc.

Drug are like sex. Before you try them you spend a countless amount of time imagining what they will feel like. You listen to the stories of people who have tried, and you build up a mythology about them, which, however well reasoned or informed can never fully capture the real experience. It