Those scary Germans do it again


Scary, Sun readers had always known it, now they are showing it. Those scary Hunns are at it again. Their new symbol traces back to a pre-Christian fertility symbol…

We are doomed, all doomed…

why the wax apples?

And they do it deep…quietly…and underwater…

[quote]German submarine sets world record for conventional dive
Apr 26, 2006, 13:14 GMT

Gluecksburg, Germany - One of Germany’s crack new fuel-cell-powered submarines has set a world record with a two-week-long dive, the German Navy said Wednesday.

The trip by the U212A-class sub with a crew of 27 from Eckernfoerde in Germany to Rota in Spain involved the longest period that any non-nuclear vessel had ever spent under water.

The navy did not say what the previous record had been. US and Russian nuclear submarines can stay under water for longer.

Germany, which has no nuclear weapons and no nuclear-powered ships, developed the high-tech hybrid-powered submarines to replace diesel-electric vessels that need to surface more often to obtain air for the engines.

The U212A vessels have a hybrid propulsion system made up of an electric motor which is fed power from fuel cells that burn hydrogen. They must also keep air in their tanks, but need less than diesels do.

The vessel, the U 32, made the trip April 11-25 and had proved the capability of the propulsion system, a naval spokesman said in Gluecksburg, northern Germany. The U 32 is to protect the Straits of Gibraltar and Mediterranean as part of the war against terrorism.

The stealthy hybrid-powered vessels are almost noiseless and do not release any exhaust gases when under water. … ional_dive[/quote]

Well, this is actually part of a counter protest against some nazis marching around town on a legal rally.

The joke goes about “seperating rotten fallen down apples from clean healthy apples”, which does sound similar to the slogans Nazis have used.

I have never seen such a great inventive campaign.

Just imagine Afroamericans running around in white linnen on a Klu Klux Klan demo.

Or would they be shot by the Sheriff in Alabama? :astonished:

Fuck me, hold tight. What’s that?
It’s me belt, Turkish.
No, Tommy. There’s a gun in your trousers. What’s a gun doing in your trousers?
It’s for protection.
Protection from what? “Zee Chermans”?

Vat ees eet vith dis board und der nazis? If eets not der nazis den eets der canadians

Ajooooo, I just loved the apple flag. Feel free to replace the maple with the apple.

Bob Deppel