Thoughts on returning to in person teaching 7/26?

I just received a message from my boss stating that we should be ready to return to in person teaching 7/26. Even though things are looking good on the daily case front, many teachers in the states have been infected because it’s incredibly hard to socially distance in class, students don’t take masking seriously and they come in contact with dozens of people a day. So I’m worried that, as an unvaccinated teacher, the risk of going back will outweigh the benefits of getting kids back in school over summer break. I totally understand that many cram schools and teachers are under serious financial strain right now, but I’m also terrified that this could go very wrong very quickly.

What do you guys think?

I want to go back. I haven’t been vaccinated yet. More chance of dying on my scooter than dying of covid.


What risk do you think there is and why are you terrified?

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What is the risk of catching Covid riding your scooter. A good math question ?

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Considering old guys love to smoke near me and cough in my face as soon as I get on my scooter… chances are high


One kid coming into contact with COVID and infecting everyone. Taiwan has been great about controlling the outbreak, but the teacher groups in the states are full of stories about whole classes getting infected. So, I think that cramming 20 kids in a small unventilated room has the potential to spread it even if schools are being as safe a possible.

So…would you feel ok going back if you were vaccinated?

OK, you’re not terrified about your personal safety. You’re terrified about this opening up of schools leading to a national outbreak?

It’s more more dangerous than being in a gym, exercising outdoors, being at the beach, going hiking, or riding the mrt. The lack of ventilation inside buxibans is a potential mess waiting to happen.

As we have seen the central government has become disconnected from the local governments, and you might see various rules across Taiwan depending on city to city. I wouldn’t put too much faith in Taiwanese authorities right now. anything the CDC says at this point should be taken as guidelines as the politicians decide the real rules.

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I’m worried about my personal safety too. I’d be stupid not to.

Korea and Vietnam just closed back down even though they had everything controlled for a bit, and I can see opening things like indoor dining, schools and other places making that happen here even though the government has been pretty on top of the COVID situation.

What risk to your personal safety do you believe there is? Say a percentage chance of hospitalisation, death, ‘long Covid’ etc?

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A small breeze blowing, and I am stopped at many of those unnecessary red lights. A middle aged man pushing 45 but looking 55 , coughs and sneezes while not wearing his mask. You think nothing of it , and the light finally turns green He speeds off knees in a triangular position while spitting red juice onto the floor. Covid is happy, it finds another host, this one young, healthy and clean its body not so resistant after all those years of hygienic living.

I’ll go back. I do live in Chiayi County and I can’t remember the last time a case was reported around here. I’m supposed to get my first shot soon anyway so I’ll take the chance.


indoor dining and classes are still going on in lots of parts of Korea. It depends on the area. Korea is a lot bigger than Taiwan though. Also gyms are operating in Seoul despite level 4.

The risk of getting it is more than enough to scare me. My friends that have had it say it’s the sickest they’ve ever been. I don’t want to go through that.

In which case you’ll have to refuse to return to teaching.

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I’m going to see what the government does. Tons of teachers in the states quit in mass because they were forced to work during outbreaks. I’m considering telling my boss I don’t want to go back until I’m vaccinated. All it takes is one asymptomatic student.

Online teaching FOREVAH!!!

It’s safer and I don’t need to risk any sequelae of the vaccines. And I don’t need to drive and find places to park and everything! Plus the apps are really good. Online teaching is the way!

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I once had a guy spit beetlenut juices on my leg. Memories.

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Have you looked into finding online teaching gigs? just reduce your hours to like minimum and go online. Or get an APRC and go online teaching?