Thread expiry after 12 months unless made Classic Thread?

This has been a good thread. I was just looking over it to try and find some info for some Aussie bloke who wants to bring his PRC missus here. A good discussion, fairly heated at time, but I think we made some progress.

It’s also one of the few threads where I’ve read my own posts and can say I stick by them 100%. Usually I just wish to God posts expired on Forumosa after a year or so.

So I have a proposal. Why not nominate this for a Classic Thread or whatever it is and why not have automatic expiration of threads. If threads are really useful surely they could be nominated as Classic Threads and be retained. Otherwise there is going to be an awful lot of detritus on this forum. Which also buggers up searches. So, how about Classic Threads and automatic expiry after 12 months unless made Classic?

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From: [ … 637#508637](TSU: Some Immigrants Shouldn't Be Citizens

Problem with that idea for “Learning Chinese” is that the whole learning Chinese thing hasn’t changed much in the last 5,000 years, so old threads usually are still good. Not always, but quite often.

You could be exempt. One Forum Two Systems. You know the drill… :wink:

But what about after the 50 years is up? Oh, forget it. I won’t be around anyway.

But what about after the 50 years is up? Oh, forget it. I won’t be around anyway.[/quote

Frak that man…I am going to live for ever. And if …perish the thought…I don’t. I’ll need the record to remind of who the hell I am. Cyber space goes on forever. Donate…and preserve the myth. Expire nothing. Youcrazytalibanbuddahiststatueblowingupkindaguy. I got your cultural revolution right here. Yeah, thats you Hexuan.

My vote. Let the records live.

Haha, another little laugh for me tonight.


Er…does that mean you are volunteering to be a librarian?

A custodian of two systems.

When drunk stop at two posts.

Now how do you put a statment like that into the “Classic” threads. The beauty is in the exchange of the day. Let historians and techonolgy deal with the search, why bother attempting to influence it with a biased, moralistic self full of use and detritus. Evolve. Let technology and historians “bugger” the serach out on thier own. Yours is just to leave a record, not to reason why. Donate to the cause and store them bytes in a retrievable archive linked seamlessley to this forum.

When drunk stop at two posts.

How many bytes would fill in a year?