Is there a way to tell how many threads a certain user has stopped cold with no replies following theirs and for how long? I suspect I’m high on the list, but I’d like to see some cold, hard stats on the subject.

Oh, let’s not. I’m afraid I may be at the very top of that list. :frowning:

Well, maybe it’s a good thing? It means you definitively answered the questions in the thread!

Michael Jackson’s dead? WTF? When did THAT happen?

Well, I was going to hold up this thread as an example, but you people keep dragging it out!

Seriously, though; is there a way to do this?

Yes, and yes, but only for your own posts.

You can easily check yours, but it would be a tedious process of clicking and loading a whole lot of pages if you tried to find out about others. I started a thread about this in temp a while back. Click on “own” and this will show you a list of all the threads you posted in. There are fifty threads listed on each page. You can count how many of them show your name as the last person to have posted in said threads.

Back when I started the thread, I asked people to make a percentage of how many threads they killed out of the last fifty threads they posted in. (the first page result when you click on “own.”) At the time I had about 14 threads out of 50, so I sat at 28% killed threads.

As of now, I’m doing pretty good. Only one thread out of fifty shows me as the last poster to have posted. I killed one thread, or if you prefer, 2% of the last 50 threads I posted in. No one posted in the thread about expat friendship since I posted only yesterday. Surely someone will post in that thread soon and I will be back to 0% as I have been for a while now.

Clearly, there is no telling me that I always want the last word anymore. :slight_smile:


Yeah, I know you could do that, but is there a way to measure how long, on average, the next response comes after your posts?

A year or two ago (?) there was a lighthearted thread on who has killed the most threads. It probably covers how to look for such info – but I can’t seem to find it.

Well, you could make up a spread sheet and factor in the time gaps between your posts and the following posts. The more posts you factor in, the more accurate your average is. If you factor in all your posts, the average is 100% accurate.

If you include the threads that no one replied to, the average can not be used as a comparison unit with other posters unless you use a calculation that would factor in your joining dates. Simply because a thread killed a week ago doesn’t have the same mathematical value as a thread killed 5 years ago. One adds 7 days to your average calculation while the other adds nearly 2000 days.

Maybe someone who is deep in math can figure out a formula, but it’s way over my head. I can average how many threads I stopped, and how long the next response comes after my post, if I wanted to. But that’s about it.

cranky, the thread was in temp. It’s gone. My crisp youngster memory will let you know that there was no more info in that thread than there is herein this thread.


There actually were a couple threads in temp, in the last few years, that touched this topic. I remember an old thread starring Keith the hesite(sp).


Ack, I was hoping to avoid as much math as possible via some automatic statistical generator; I’m too lazy to actually calculate all of that. But thanks for your help.

I’m glad I’m not the last poster in this thread.

You are the last one. Ha ha!


i got 4 out of 50, so about 9%, but in fairness i only began posting after MJ died… :blush: