Dang it. I just KNEW my sweaty boobs would smother this thread to death. But now, this thread really does have some T and, urm, balls.

Oh well.

It’s unbelievablly hot.


What’s worse that schweddy balls?


Tease! I was still waiting for pictures. It don’t count if you don’t have no pictures!


You know, HC, back in the “old country”, if you had told me boobs could sweat, I would have filed it into the same area of impossibility as “not being able to drink from the tap” and “having to look both ways before crossing a one-way street”. No more. My innocence has been shattered and I’m never getting it back. And neither are the girls… :frowning:

That being said, at least I can pay all my bills at 7-11 here.


STOP TALKING ABOUT SWEATY BOOBS!!! I’m going to have to take another cold shower if this carries on!!!


threads are still dying
by means of crappy haiku
this really blows goats


No nooo! We MUST keep the little guy alive!


Somebody should post a sobering story the next time I get drunk.


Sweaty boobs, sweaty boobs, sweaty boobs, boobs, boobs!


Are you bisbaiting?


Tease! :wink:


You guys are SO off-topic with your titty-talk. Can we PLEASE get this thread back on [strike]rack[/strike] track?


I’ve really become a killer of threads. So many go silent, the minute I post in them.


Tease! :wink:[/quote]

Yeah. I couldn’t resist.

But yesterday the office all went out for dinner at a local Japanese resturant. The price for the food (which I mostly didn’t eat–I don’t care for Japanese much) was MORE than worth the two hours or so of airconditioning in the afternoon!


Show us your titties. You know you want to.


So much blood.



(someone had to say it)


Sorry, GTBK. I just can’t let you have it. Nice try, though! :smiley:


But… But… i WANT it!


This thread reminded me of 1 Cor 13, and I paraphrase: “We” have become sounding brass or a clanging cymbal.