[quote=“housecat”][quote=“Got To Be Kidding”]As I was reading through the ‘actives’, I was shocked to find the Threadkilling thread nowhere to be seen. So, I hunted and searched and hunted (but really just searched), and I found the little guy!

Here he is. He’s still alive.

No, no, don’t thank me. Just throw money.[/quote]

Yeah, yesterday I did the same thing and realized I had the last post, so left it alone! Why can’t ya just leave it alone, already?![/quote]
What would be the fun in that?? :raspberry:


Don’t you guys have anything better to do?






You have Got To Be Kidding me…


Whew. Made it. I’m at an internet cafe in Durban, of all places, but still intent on killing the thread form afar. You can all stop posting now if you like. :stuck_out_tongue:


Poor you. Durban’s a dump. The mere mention of the place makes me want to kill this thread.


This poor thread will not suffer the wrath of anyone, near or far. Housecat is curled up and comfey in this lovely, strange thread.


That is off topic.


Oh! Look at this action, folks! With her super-duper deflector, Housecat fends off McCoy’s rogue shot! And the crowd goes WILD. Yahhahh Yahhhh!


Yawn… :whistle:


One woman’s dreams of grandure are another man’s lullaby.


Behind every successful man stands a surprised mother-in-law.


Hey, I like my mother-in-law.

My mom is the one who’s surprised.


OMG are you still alive???


[quote=“Lappy”]OMG are you still alive???
Wow. 14 days!!!


[quote=“bismarck”][quote=“Lappy”]OMG are you still alive???
Wow. 14 days!!![/quote]
13 days 16 hours 43 minutes
almost, but not quite


[quote=“Dr. McCoy”][quote=“bismarck”][quote=“Lappy”]OMG are you still alive???
Wow. 14 days!!![/quote]
13 days 16 hours 43 minutes
almost, but not quite[/quote]
:astonished: Well, ok then. Piesay.


And, for two weeks, I thought that I’d killed this thread…


See above. A few hours shy of two weeks…

Ok, you guys keep on killing the thread. I’m off for a few days. I’ll be back later to deliver the Coup de Grace.


Six hours short of the two week goal line, ouch. :noway:
:smiley: :smiley: