A person who starts a particular thread, could he or she called a “threadster”? Has that word been coined already?

I believe the technical term is thread-meister. :sunglasses:

One google link noted this source: "…and not all Indian casinos are owned by Indians. And our recent threadster doesn’t need to weigh in on every single thread. your posts are less and less…

Thread-meister is good, but it sounds too meisteriish, like a thread *master. These kinds of threads on boards like this seem to call for a less formal word than thread-meister. The mods might be called thread-meisters, since they control things. But each person who starts a thread, does threadster sound like a good term? I like it. It was probably coined 5 years ago or more, somewhere in the Milky Way Cybergalaxy…

Threadster. It has a nice ring to it. Thread-meister sounds better for the mods and admins.

Here’s an even better reference.

from a FAQ

[How does it know what forum and who’s the threadster? you tell em via the admincp options (where the rest of the vboptions are) theirs a handy little group for the MAF and i don’t mean 2+2]

The threadmaster of this thread is addicted to caffeine. :wink:


[quote=“bobepine”]The threadster of this thread is addicted to caffeine. :wink:


Correction intended. Caffwhat?

It was just a bad joke realated to your name. Cola? Caffeine? Sorry master…I mean threadmaster. Please don’t slay me. :wink:


[quote=“bobepine”]It was just a bad joke related to your name. Cola? Caffeine? Sorry master…I mean Monsieur Threadster. Please don’t slay me. :wink:


no slaying allowed. :wink:

Threadinator? The Threader?

Old Threadeyes?

[damned, that was stupid]