Three cheap quality films in Geant (Ai Mai)

I assume that Geant (Ai Mai) stocks similar products island wide. So, I therefore recommend the following three films, which can all be found on VCD at the low low price of 28 NT each. Each one is cheaper than a manguo bin ze, though possibly not as comforting during a typhoon!
First up is a classic: The Pink Panther. Only 28 NT, even if you’ve seen it, its worth another viewing. The comedy stylings are wide ranging and are played with great professionalism from Peter Sellers, David Niven, and even Robert Wagner. The bedroom farce scene is pure theatre. Similar to the very funny “Noises Off”. Its hard to find a recent film that doesnt insult the audience with a barrage of tricks and emotional twists. This film will just make you laugh. The car chase at the end of the film is so understated it is simply brilliant. I have to say that the copy is shown on a narrow screen and its low quality, but still worth it.
The second film is called Mistress. Its not very well known but has a great cast. Mantin Landau blows everyone off the screen with his performance. It makes Bill H. Macey look forced! He is a movie producer on his uppers. He has met a rich guy who wants to finance a film with his mistress starring in the picture. The rich guy is played by Eli Wallach. He’s like a hero of mine. What a great actor. Another stellar performance from him, as a rich rude asshole. Robert DeNiro has a role as a big hot producer, Danny Aiello is also there, as is Christopher Walken. DeNiro produced it, and it has a really good script. The acting from Robert Wuhl seemed laboured at times, even non-existent, but in other parts he was great. This is a good film.
The last one is called Search and Destroy. Its a Martin Scorsese production. I havent watched in for a few years, but I saw that its in the Geant Bargain racks. Another Star Studded film, with some excellent performances. Its a very philosophical piece, and Christopher Walken has a starring role. Its good that I dont remember too much, as I remember the plot is quite unusual, so best not spolied by me. Definitely worth 28 NT. Cheaper than a portion of medium fries in Mc Donalds.

Well, try them out, if you are anything like me you watch a million movies a week.


Better get down to the local Aimai and check…

What I really want is one I’ve seen advertised on other recently rented DVDs – the complete boxed set of all the Pink Panther films. However, I’ve only seen them advertised. I’ve never seen them for sale here and I don’t want to faff around with online ordering.

We don’t shop there any more as they sell spoiled or rotten food.

Not a problem in Yangmei.

Mistress is very slow, dont you think longchin? It also reminds me of a number of other films about making films. I saw a woody allen one the other day where he was blind, and making a film. But i digress. I think City of God is a bargain at 99 dollars, but thats vcd, so you need to speaka da language. Get the dvd at a palatable 199 dollars. Geant is a good place to buy cheap. longchin, btw have you tried a pineapple binsa? Much better than mango.