Three wives at the same time....?

Hello, everyone.

I dated with a Taiwanese guy who has a very complicated family background. Just curious what Taiwanese think about this.

His father is 90 something years old and has three wives. Exactly speaking, one legal wife and two mistresses. The legal wife couldn’t get pregnant, so they adopted 10 children. But his father wanted his own blood at the age of 60, and got two sons and two daughters from two mistress.

His father lives with his wife, son, daugher-in-law and grandson. Each mistress has her own house and his father stays 2 nights at each house. I was shocked to see the first mistress when I visited his father with my bf. She was bathing his father. (his father is very old, as I told above) Husband, wife, mistress, son from another mistress) were in the same roof…

Somebody may say love is the most important thing. But most of older people say around me (I’m Korean, for better understanding) we should consider family background when decide marriage. I’m worried that he would think extramarital affairs are nothing, considering the old saying, “like father, like son.” In my culture, people think this kidn of family a shame.

If there’s someone who has idea about Taiwanese families or about Taiwanese point or view on this case, please give me some advice.

What does the bloke think about his dad’s horndogging? Have you asked him? Chances are if he doesn’t see anything wrong with it, he’ll do it himself, assuming he has enough money.

He thinks it’s not good and hates that situation cause there are always family issues because of money.
But at the same time, he seem to accept it as his fate. One day, he told me in the middle of convesation “people who have normal parents like us, who never get divoced…” Maybe this can tell something about him.

One more concern is that he has lots of girls around him. I mean, female friends, girls who want to date with him, and ex gfs who still keep touch with.

Like me, some men just can’t have only male friends. In my case, I never had any affair while in relationship with another girl.

Those girls are around him … and as long as they are “on” him, that’s fine. :sunglasses:

That’s a big red flag to me. How can anyone in a serious relationship have time to spend with lots and lots of people of the opposite sex, even if they’re “just friends?” He should be spending his time with YOU.

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