Three Word Story... only three words each

She turned over…

Dude got fat.

Bitch got slapped.

It followed me…

Call me Ishmael.

Dead. (picnic, lightning)

Death by meatball.

Ninja spaghetti battle.

Gerbil fights back.

Drunk bear attacks.

Aliens probe cavity.

Shark eats boater.

Canada freezes over.

The Magnificent Tigermoth.

multiple orgasm fluid.


“Who’s there?”

She does drugs.

Ask questions later.

You goddamn motherfucker.

harder Faster HARDER!

Zebra loses stripes.

General loses stars.

Forced rear entry. (To spicy? :laughing: )


Shoots, he scores!

Perfect 10 dismount.

Go Johnny GO!

I lost it!

Gotta love autocensor.

Gotta love autocensor.[/quote]

I was wondering.

where it began

… and you do not need to see the movie, just know the title and you have can skip the 2-hour agony:

Desperately seeking Susan.

Should I shoot?

Insane sausage attack!

Bxf2; White resigns.

Pops went crazy.

Pilot: I can’t see!

Nose up! Nose…