THSR to be extended to Yilan


What does one get for that? Rain, earthquakes, typhoons, cold wind …

Nothing wrong with progress so long as the natural environment is not hurt.


See my above post. This happens all the time. To the point station locations are decided on due to similar issues. I am fine with Mcdonalds doing it, but not my government with our tax money. And especially not when we have multiple national emergencies on our plate which arent getting the money and attention needed.

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That’s my issue with it. Unspoiled natural beauty becomes ugly roads, depressing looking architecture, and destruction of mountains and water. Add to that the throngs of people coming in non stop forcing prices to Taipei levels for necessities. And I just know all these illegal hotels and b&b’s will spring up to fill this demand. Look how long it took to remove that illegal hotel on the beach in Taidong.

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The hotel in taidong is still there and sometimes has people checking over things. Its the worst of both sides. Damage done, still there, unused. Tear it down or make it into something. or wait 10 years and continue the hotel idea

Yikes. I guess they hope to keep it there until they can convince some government official to let it open since it’s been there so long.

It wasnt torn down like the small coffee type shops they ratted on were. jealousy and.corruption. at the heart of business here. I dont expect it to be torn down.

Maybe duct tape solar panels to it in the meantime ?