Thursday Night Ride (Tainan)

Just a link to my friend’s video from a weekly ride in Tainan. At about 1:30 and 7:30 it’s me.

Who/where are you guys riding? I’m looking for a club to join while I’m in Tainan for some training/chain gang, or just general rides. Any suggestions welcome.

Is that speedo right? Nice ride video though.
Do you know what he uses for the video overlay?

This is either a downgrade or a wrong setting on his computer/camera. Probably downhill.

Oh, there are a few night rides in Tainan that are about 30k, and late late night ones about the 20k, Usually start at the garmin store at 8pm and either go to the HSR station, or the port to the south. After that we head out to Anping for a quick lap.

To the other poster, speedo should be right. We usually have a slight tailwind from the north and that night was no exception. Today, for example, the wind is pretty big out along the coast – going North 34km/h and then for a large portion on the way home, avg 45km/h and my friend who is a big guy averaged 48km/h for a strava segment.

When you are in Tainan I’ll try to help you out getting to some rides. (Night rides have a large skill variety so whatever your skill level is, you should be fine.)