I’m curious to know if any of you are being treated for Hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid) here in Taiwan, or more specifically, in Taipei.

Details to why i’m asking will follow should I get any replies.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I know you said hypothyroidism, not hyper. If you have questions on hyper, however, I can answer them.

nope don’t need info on hyper… been there nuked that…

Any news on the thyroid situation? I’ve been ignoring my own situation since I brought enough synthroid to last a year. But I really should have my levels checked (feeling sluggish etc). I think I’ll take my lazy ass to the hospital next week since the local clinic wouldn’t test my levels. I’ll let you know what that involves.

no luck. i’ve been on the wrong dose since coming to taiwan (almost 4 years now). they only level of synthroid they carry in taiwan is .100 MCG
and i should be on .112 mcg… needless to say i never feel quite right and am always cold. most dr.s here have just told me to split the pills and take half one day and more the other and blah blah blah… when i was home at christmas my dr. at Stanford told me that was absolutely wrong of them to advise me of that since i’m trying to replace something my body doesn’t produce and at the same levels. he also couldn’t understand why this medicine, which is cheaper to manufacture than asprin only comes in one dose here…

i don’t even bother getting my TSH levels checked here… not like they can do anything for me anyway!

:raspberry: to taiwan dr’s

4 years! jebus! well I’m shit out of luck then, being on 175mg and feeling like I need more (also perpetually cold with my 5 layers on). I guess I’ll just get my levels adjusted when I go home for a visit in July. Turns out the TSH test is not covered by health insurance here either! madness! I wonder if they test their psych patients here.

Anypoo, thanks for the info. Keep warm! (if that’s possible) How many weeks 'till spring?!

I feel your pain!!! me in my tights, long underwear, undershirts, wool sweaters, heater on 30C even today. it’s miserable. :frowning:

you could always take 2 100s… but then you’ll get slightly hyper which will be hell in the summer with the heat… i’m in the same boat. the minute i start splitting the pills like they tell me too (which ends up being around 150) my hands start shaking, heart palpitations, the works.
people don’t realize how a stupid little organ like the thyroid can ruin your day!

i’m not really sure what to do cause when iwent home they told me they wouldn’t give me an endless supply for my mom to mail becuase they would want to do blood work every month to monitor it.

if you find a good endocrinologist in taipei who you feel knows what they’re doing, let me know!