Tiananmen Square Documentary

Check out this great documentary on the Tankman of Tiananmen Square. Follow this link for the video stream:


Can’t see what it’s called, is it Tianamen Memories?

Not sure how anyone could really improve on the documentary and website, Gate of Heavenly Peace by the Long Bow Group, but I will check it out.



It’s a PBS Frontline documentary called “The Tank Man.” It runs for 90 minutes.

Just want to post this link for future reference on Tainanmen. US Gov’t’s Tiananmen Papers - New Documents Reveal U.S. Perceptions of 1989 Chinese Political Crisis

Its shocking that the CCP still can’t face the truth on this. I’m glad to see Mayor Ma bring this issue up regarding any future unification talks.

One of the best books i read about the unfolding of Tainamen was Mike Chinoy’s “China Rising”. If anyone is interested you can get it from the Taipei City Library on Cheinkuo S. Rd. The 4th/5th floors is the english book section. (not too big, but has some good books - its free/easy to get a library card) Most people know he is the CNN Asia talking head. He was also responsible for setting up the Beijing CNN office. (i think a pretty smart guy, even though some people like to write him off).