TianShang accomedation

Hi, i need to know about the price for staying over in Tianshang.
Is it expensive ??? Is there any budget hotel or hostel in Tianshang(If yes, please state the price per night) ???

Look forward for the reply…

I suppose you mean Tianxiang near Hualian. See if you can beat me doing a search for “Tianxiang hostel”.

(3 minutes later…) Yup, you will find the information you need here: Looking for a hotel in Hualian

Consistent spelling sure does help when it comes to information retrieval.

Thank !!!

Thank !!!

just got back from there last week. I stayed in a private single (shared bathroom) for 300 NTD a night at the Catholic Hostel. I’d do it again, it’s sure not the Formosa Grand, but it seemed pretty clean.