Tibetan Buddhist centers

Does anybody have a list of Tibetan Buddhist centers in Taipei?

I know of the FPMT (dGe Luks ba: Lama Yeshe / Lama Zopa) center on f-12 No 81 Sec 3 Ba De Lu (“Eight Virtues”), east of Dun Hwa a few blocks. home.kimo.com/fpmttaiwan

Something called “Thek mChok Chos Ling” near the Technology Building MRT Station. No idea what this is

A Palyul (Bei Yu) rNying ma center out past Shen Ken, the one with the big Padmasambhava above the door

A Palyul rNying ma center in Hsintien: 3F No 135 Mingchuan Road

And there’s another rNying ma center across the street (and west a block or so) from Taipei’s Sogo. They’re related to the group that built Da Yuan Man Miao in Tainan. (Ngak-pa?)

And the New Kadampa (Kelsang Gyatso, Dorje Shugden) have a center in Beitou which is listed as House #1, Lane 19, Rong Hua 2nd road and their website is stillnesswithin.com


For a list of Kagyu centres go to kagyu.org/centers/cen00n.html#asia and scroll down until you find Taiwan.

for a list of centres associated with Thrangu Rinpoche (Karma Kagyu tradition) go to rinpoche.com/taiwan.htm

His Eminence Phende Rinpoche, head of the Ngor branch of the Sakya tradition, is in Taipei for several months a year.


7F, #65, Neihu Cheng Gong Rd
sect.5, Neihu, Taipei, Taiwan, ROC


There’s a Buddhism portal site where you can find quite a few Tibetan Buddhist Web sites and centers in Taiwan and elsewhere, even though their page arrangement seems a little chaotic. The Taiwan and China addresses are listed in Chinese, but others are in English.

Click here to see the Tibet pages.

Also have a look at Buddhanet’s Taiwan Directory

I found a couple of Tibetan-Buddhism oriented shops. A small one on Roosevelt Road Sec. 5 no, 189, and a huge one on Guang Fu (retrocession) south road no. 49. I heard that there was another one on Ba De (8 Virtues) road, and still another somewhere else.

I asked the big place if anybody had a list of all the Tibetan-style dharma centers. It turns out there are several hundred–70 for Nyingmapa alone. But they thought that Chunghua Fuoxue Yanjiusuo (Chinese Institute of Buddhist Studies–a Pure Land school) had such a list.

The same school teaches Tibetan language. So do Chengchi University in Mucha, and the Tibetan/Mongolian Culture Center near Shr Da. Of course this would be taught in Chinese, so if that’s not okay you’d better find your own language teacher.

There’s a fairly big Tibetan Buddhist shop on Da-an selling thankas, texts and human thigh bones. Just north of Zhongxiao it’s on a second floor on the right side of the road opposite Bossini I think (if it’s not on the corner of that alley it’s on the next one). You can see the sign on the 2nd floor from the road.
Oh, and they also have those gilded skulls for drinking from while pondering the impermanence of beer.