Tibetan Buddhist "stuff"/Potala-Taipei is where?

Does anyone know of a place in Taipei to buy reasonably priced Tibetan Buddhist things? By things I mean prayer flags, statutes, incense, prayer wheels, photos of the Dalai Lama and so forth. And by reasonably priced I mean I am not looking for what I have come to call “Rich Taiwanese Worried About Their Souls Buy Buddha Stuff Store”; i.e. Tibetan Buddhist supply stores that look like jewelry stores with the Laoban wearing a Rolex and a Kuan Yin pendent and the least expensive thing in the place is $10,000NT. I am a Blue Collar Buddhist and must achieve enlightenment on a budget.

I had heard of a shop called Potala that was supposed to be reasonably priced with a friendly staff who are actually Tibetans. Anyone heard of this place? Or any other suggestions?

Take care,

Brian -
I have dealt with these people for many years. They have a lot of real and very cool stuff at very good prices. And theiy also may be able to refer you to the real deal here on Taiwan.

Snow Lion

Thanks for the lead Tainan Cowboy. I had forgotten about Snow Lion, I still have a buddhist calendar that my friend gave me right before I left Cali. It was put out by them.