Tickets - Liability and Risk

Need clarification on this issue. According to what I’ve heard, there are 2 levels of tickets, ones which are written directly to one’s ARC, and those which are written to the bike. “ones written directly to an ARC” refers to those which are incurred due to not having a Taiwan liscence, such as “driving without a liscence”. “ones written to the bike” would include all others such as speeding, not stopping at lights, etc…
In my understanding those of the first tier “written to an ARC” would prevent a person from being able to aquire a liscence, and would put one at higher risk of legal penalties, fines being imposed at immigration, etc. Those of the second tier “vechicle only” seem to only prevent the legal transfer of a vechicle. As I have incurred many of these type and never recieved any notice or threat in many cases from the government, I am inclined to believe that this is the case, and that they die with the vechicle. Does the danger extend beyond this? What would be the risk and liability involved in owning a bike in your name with many tickets on it and allowing another person use it and continue to get tickets without intent to ever pay them off?
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It may be possible if the DMV hasn’t switched your vehicle registration to use your ARC# instead of old method of using your passport#. But these days the driver’s license and vehicle registrations both use your ARC#, and so are linked…which means when it comes time to renew your driver’s license, they won’t do it until you pay up on all your registered vehicles as well.

It does seem like they made some recent developments in linking thier registration system together. I was recently written up a ticket even though they didn’t know my ARC or passport number. All they asked me was my chinese name and they looked it all up and put it together. Maybe just that cop was the persistant type and he didn’t like foreigners, but it seems like they’re getting on the ball. They probably need the income more nowadays too.

I went to the DMV a few weeks back to get my car and bike licenses authenticated. They refused to authenticate them because I had 11 outstanding parking fines from a car I sold last year. The fines were from when I still owned the car and didn’t reach me because I kept putting off a change of address. So I guess any fines are logged against your ID number, not just the vehicle, and can affect anything you need to do with your license in the future. I have never had any other type of fine so I don’t know if more serious offenses work differently.

Well I guess i’ll find out when I have to go renew my lisence. I heard that they don’t start coming after you at the airport unless you have over 100k in fines, but I still don’t like the idea of having fines logged against my name.

hi guys I got a ticket for my car and my scooter awhile ago, I am planning to sell both my car and scooter in the next 2,3 months, I am thinking about just not pay the tickets since I am selling them. What do you guys think about that will I be able to sell the car and scooter without pay the ticket, will there be problem or anything? also I was suppose to pay the car’s fuel tax 2 months ago, last week I got a notice saying I need to pay up or they will report me to court or soemthing?

Why don’t you people just pay for the bloody tickets? It’s leeches like you that make me feel bad about paying taxes. You’re not above the effing law. Take responsibility for your own behaviour. You wanna speed? You gotta pay.

You can’t transfer the ownership and you can’t baofei the vehicle if there are fines outstanding.

You can’t transfer the ownership and you can’t baofei the vehicle if there are fines outstanding.[/quote]

how much is considered outstanding fine?

scooter ticket is like 300 I think

car’s speeding ticket 1800 and fuel tax 7200

thanks for the hlep

[quote=“ironfist”]how much is considered outstanding fine?

scooter ticket is like 300 I think

car’s speeding ticket 1800 and fuel tax 7200

thanks for the hlep[/quote]Ummm… presumably if a fine, however small, hasn’t been paid, then you can’t transfer the ownership. That’s been my experience at least. I’ve had parking fines of a few hundred dollars that had to be paid off before I could renew registration or transfer a vehicle. There’s no “how much” about it!

Asking that question’s like going up to a policeman and asking “How many choccy bars can I steal before it’s illegal?” :wink:

thanks, I guess I have to pay if then if I want to sell my car

it’s a hardlife but yes I guess you do :whistle: