Tickets to the Flora Expo "soft opening" (in October)?

My parents are coming to Taiwan in October and want to check out the Flora Expo. The official opening is in November, but I’ve heard that there is a “soft opening” or “trial run” of the Flora Expo in October. Does anybody know if/where one can acquire tickets for the soft opening period?

(And yes, I understand the Flora Expo is an environmental disaster of Vesuvian proportions that has burned more money than Bernie Madoff – no need to convince me.)

Internet. Yahoo auctions. Do not pay more than 150 nts each.

Anyone know when this soft opening is?

It’d be good to attend and so I can go around gathering proper names and checking out the overall scene for translation purposes.

Soft opening is later this month. Its free for Taipei residents. You need to apply through your local lizhang.

I’ve been searching on Ruten/Yahoo Auctions but haven’t seen any soft opening tickets available. However, I did see this article in today’s Taipei Times: … 2003485174

Apparently they permitted both “invited” and “uninvited” guests to enter during the first few days of the soft opening, and they may continue to do so. I’m not sure what this means. Does “uninvited” mean you simply showed up at the door and asked them to let you in? Or are these people who were not on the soft opening guest list, but still had a ticket of some sort?

No tickets, just persistence.

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