Tiger Leaping Gorge province unaided identifiers complain

“You arrogant bastard!”

“Of course I know where Tiger Leaping Gorge is!”

“I crawled through it on my belly in 198X when you were just a nipper!”

“I was there BEFORE the earthquake!”

And so on.


(Actually, discuss away like blue fuck, and then realise there is a Banyan Tree hotel at six hundred US a night and an airport in Lijiang. Jesus suffering fuck.)

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I’m not sure of the point of this thread. I assume anyone who didn’t know where it was would’ve already googled it by now. I wasn’t there before the earthquake, but I was in Lijiang… oh, 5 years ago. I’ve been to Yunnan twice.

And the dam is really old news; been debated ad infinitum for probably at least the past 5 years? I thought the central government had put a temporary halt on the project 2-3 years ago.

I don’t really know what being discussed here…but when in doubt…

I blame the DPP for the current situation.