Tigerair Taiwan

While doing some research into cheap visa runs from Taiwan I found out about Tigerair Taiwan, a new low-cost carrier (LCC). Some basic info on Wikipedia:

An article introducing Tigerair Taiwan and V Air (another LCC which isn’t flying yet):
talkairlines.wordpress.com/2014/ … the-skies/

Some news about planned and proposed routes:

And here’s their web site (which you’ll need to navigate in Chinese; the English versions of the Tigerair site isn’t the same):

Right now they’ve got some crazy deals from what I can tell (my ability to navigate Chinese web sites is not ninja):
tigerair.com/tw/zh/real_dea … ations-btn

Case in point: Chiang Mai for under 4,000 NT… return! It’s a promo so I doubt the rate will stay that low… so act now if you could use some time out in Thailand this winter :sunglasses: