Tigger acquitted

The guy in the tigger suit was acquitted of fondling a 13 year-old girls breasts.
His lawyer put on the suit to show how difficult it would be. He said, “If the fingers can’t get. You must acquit.”
It must have been a difficult case, because while the girl was describing how her breasts were groped, Tigger kept singing, “They’re bouncy, flouncy, pouncy, trouncy, fun fun fun fun fun.”
His alternate defense was that he thought Grabby was one of the seven dwarfs.

Apparently there were a bunch of Tiggers working that day, and he wasn’t even identified. However, when approached by private investigators, the poor sucker followed their suggestion and wrote a short apology thinking that would be enough to do away with the whole thing.

Good thing neither kid nor Tigger got near the 9th dwarf, Horny, who hangs out near that damn teacup ride nobody likes.

He’s got in trouble again, this time for pushing some photographers dressed as Goofy (him, not the photographers)

In the meanwhile, please think of a caption for this photo from the original case:

“Yes M’lud”

[quote=“Big Fluffy Matthew”]

“I didn’t do it. I didn’t do it! Please! You have to believe me!”[/quote]

Ladies and gentlemen, ask yourselves honestly, does this look like the face of a criminal?