Tight foreskin and adult male circumcision

This is a slightly embarrassing one, it’s a shame that we can’t post on here anonymously. :blush:

I have had a tight foreskin for as long as I can remember. This hasn’t usually been a problem during intercourse, however I have been a bit tender on some occasions.

I have recently been to see two doctors with my wife and both of the doctors have recommended circumcision (I am 26 years old). I have done lots of research on the internet regarding stretching exercises, creams and any other possibilities that will avoid getting the end of my penis chopped off, however whilst both doctors are incredibly professional and caring so as not to force me to get this done, both doctors are firmly in the circumcision camp. Although my wife won’t admit to it, I suspect that she secretly is too.

I am from the UK and come from a large family, and I have never known anyone who has been circumcised. Isn’t circumcision a religious ritual that is performed on baby Jewish boys?

TBH I am in a bit of a mess over this. The female nurses in the clinic talk about the procedure as if it is no big deal, a few weeks of pain and no sexual intercourse, and afterwards there will be no problems at all with it hanging out all of the time. There was also a lot of talk of cultural differences which I felt took the focus away from me as an individual and my symptoms. I have told my wife that we can have sex with a condom and use lubrication, however she is desperate to have a baby so this is out of the question, therefore putting massive strain on our relationship.

I know that this is an extreme longshot, however, has anyone else on the boards been circumcised in Taiwan as an adult? If so, I would love to hear from you (via PM is also ok).

Many thanks


Not in Taiwan, but you can check out several years of personal experience and results of guys of all ages on http://www.boards.ie/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=2054899493 . Pick your doctor carefully in Taiwan, some years ago my girlfriend was a nurse in a hospital in Linkou and arrived home several hours late ~ junior doctor was on one of his first few cases and had chopped too much off some poor kid, they spent several hours trying to rectify!

If there are possible solutions that involve not lopping bits off, why not give it a go first and see what happens? Given that people in various cultures do use stretching as a body modification, I don’t see why it wouldn’t do the job in this case.

Many boys in Taiwan are circumcised routinely - I suspect the Americans told them to do it back in 1955, and nobody’s ever questioned the practice since, in true Taiwanese style. The problem with removing things is that once they’re gone, they’re gone. From what I’ve read, complications are rare and fairly minor, but they’re not unheard-of. If it doesn’t work out, you’ve just replaced one problem with a different one.

nothing wrong with circumcision for medical reasons, and phimosis is as good a reason as any other medical condition.

And your life will be better for it (apart from the first sensitive month or two).

You will be just as much a man as before.

I would explore other options for loosening it up besides hacking it off. There’s a good chance you won’t get the same sensation intensity during stimulation with your foreskin gone. One guy said that sex for him was 100% better when he had foreskin…so i’ve heard

I wouldn’t stress about it. I had a friend who was circumcised as an adult…its not the worst procedure in the world by a long shot, and once its done all your problems are over.

Yeah, let’s see … God made man, God attached foreskin to man … for religious reason people cut off foreskin … I’d say God made either a huge mistake that people think they should rectify, or God worked overtime for nought. But if nothing else works … for medical reason, you could consider removing it … but it’s still your choice.

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Foreskin stretchers should work. Try them first, can be bought over the internet. If not, find another doctor, there are other procedures as well. A danish doc lost his licence to practice after treating a tight foreskin by circumcizing.