Tik tok the insidious AI master plan

Tik tok loads sexy girls and cute cats and dogs and happy idioms

But there is AI control coming


And yet, AI is still programmed by humans to start with.

Well, no, it isn’t. That’s the point. Humans set the architecture and the parameters for desired behaviour, but the rest of it evolves itself. Functioning AI systems are difficult or impossible to analyze.


Don’t worry, it’ll probably try to self-terminate eventually.


You just said it yourself, humans need to program the parameters.


They decide approximately what they want to it do. They don’t care how it does it. Nor are they able to predict whether it will do something unexpected. There have been several instances of the machine coming up with highly novel solutions to a given problem. The premise of “The Terminator” was not unrealistic.

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I started with HUMANS, a flawed creature.

Can’t disagree with that.

We evolved out of Homo Erectus shagging Neanderthals. And we’ve only been here 300,000 years. Give us a chance. :blush:

A flawed creature thinking they can create the perfect AI?


It’s already here…


I was gonna delete the app but decided I’m not as important info wise to CHINA as the ability to ogle cute chicks is to me and of course the cute cats and dogs and other animals and the uplifting vids as well

Not sure if tik tok has gained any insights into me to send me selected advertising but google sends me all these ads
For erectile disfunction
Still works thanks though

I swear I
Listen to pandora rather than regular radio and I’m inundated with erectile disfunction adds every commercial break

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Some of us have shagged more Neanderthals than others


Oh just great
You mean those Virtual Girlfriend bots available online now are as cracked as real chicks ? Wonderful !!

Some of us haven’t needed to. :yum:

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All cats are
At night

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Historically, the attitude of “dont worry ,it will sort itself out” has turned out bad. Like almost always. In fact, isnt that chabuduo~ism the thing foreigners complain about the most about here in taiwan? It has given us things like taipei 101 crane falling off the top, kaohsiung mrt collapses, tainan earthquake condos toppling, kaohsiung road explosion (which is beyond ridiculous how no one cares anymore), and millions of similar dumb shit people willfully ignore.

If we cant figure out easy shit like concrete and reinforcement even on small scale, one has to worry about global scales of shit we actually cant garauntee control over. Like releasing gmo viruses into the wild to control a pest. This is just winging it and hoping for the best. Aka fucking stupid. Its anti scientific to be that damn lazy and ig’nint.

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Are you saying that to me, or in general? I was being sarcastic, making a remark on the failure of a previous venture.

In spirit, I agree with the opinion that “don’t worry, it will sort itself out” is a poor attitude.

Vote with your feet, and don’t use tiktok, twitter, microsoft or any google products then if AI bothers you. There are alternatives, they just require more work.

In general, sorry. In general the “whatever” teenage attitude tends to work out poorly. More work is generally a good thing when the results are better.

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