Tile cleaner for outdoor tiles


I am looking for a good tile cleaner for outdoor tiles on my balcony. Some of the tiles changed the color form a greenish blue, or blueish green to black. I was hoping to get some of their original color back. Also, I have those ugly rust rings on the tiles from gas bottles. I hope to be able to remove those as well. Any ideas or suggestions?

very hot water (with care) and washing up detergent and a scrubbing brush and lots of elbow grease :frowning:

my landlord has put down TURF on my balcony tiles so I just love cleaning up the dirt and mould that has spread, and spread…

I was hoping for some magical chemical, but I am familiar with scrubbing brushes too. Are we talking about laundry detergent?

Kind of an investment, but you can also use a powerwash. It will do wonders. So powerful just be careful it doesn’t knock the tiles off. They can be found at B&Q for between NT$3k to NT$6k.

Also a good idea, maybe I can rent a high pressure cleaner somewhere instead of spending all that money one a new one. I will probably need it only once. But a good idea, worth pursuing.

dish washing stuff “Paos” etc. but the water must be HOT wear gloves

Try putting your washing machine on the balcony and everytime it finishes the first cycle use the waste soapy water and a scrubbing brush. I do that. It works on my white tiles, which get very dirty in the rain.

Throw copious amounts of washing powder on it, a light spray of cold water and a reasonable stiff yard brush will have it clean in no time. Make sure you rinse with lots of water or you’ll have white powder residue when it dries.

Wow, so many replies, thanks a lot guys. Seems like the laundry detergent and the scrubbing brush are the weapons of choice for the next trial. The idea with the used laundry water sounds good too. Just have to watch out that the clothes weren’t too dirty. On some days it might make things worse. :laughing: :laughing: