Time Change! The Blues Power Hour now airs at 8 pm on Sunday

That’s right, the BPH is changing its airtime to 8 pm on Sunday nights starting Jan 4th. Maybe some of you early risers will be able to tune in to hear some honest-to-gawd Blues.

That is good news DC. You should have a bigger audience for your great show then. But is it still just one hour?

BTW, I found a site for free, legal mp3 downloads of classic blues. There are about 50 or so recordings by a who’s who of blues artists. Check it out at www.publicdomain4u.com

Hello, Wazai,
Thanks for the kind words. I’ll check out the site you found.
Blues to you,

what station?

ICRT-FM100.7, 8 pm Sunday nights, followed by Bill Thissen’s Jazz Flavors. This week’s show features the Blues Roots of Jeff Beck; the Blues Master, Sonny Terry and Jump Blues.
Blues on!