Time for a Gap boycott


The ChiComs started bitching about a Gap T-shirt with a map of China on it that didn’t include Taiwan. So what does the Gap do? Remove the shirts from their shelves and issue an apology. Time for a Gap boycott! (not that I wear their clothes anyway, but…)


i will join the boycott as it means i will just continue not to shop there as it sucks anyway. i’m curious if Taiwanese care about this or not? i mean if i was Taiwanese i certainly would.

if you sell a t shirt for chinese people with the map of china its obviously going to raise butthurt if you omit their fantasy territory’s. but if you include taiwan then you are insulting a country of 23 million. a country which you happen to have stores in. so its basically insult one or the other. and Taiwanese are taking the L for this one.(as usual)

it would have been smarter all round to just not release something like this. but i sense they don’t give much of a crap about what Taiwanese people think.


A better idea would have been to offer free shipment of iron-on Taiwan stickers to any offended Chinese.



People have been unofficially boycotting the Gap for decades. China might be their biggest market at this point.


They’re pretty sensitive for authoritarians.


The people at the Gap seem pretty clueless. They try to score brownie points by putting China on a shirt, but forget to include Taiwan? It goes without saying that nobody cares what Taiwan thinks.


Saw a guy wearing a Gap Taiwan t-shirt today. At first I was like, “this kid must be clueless”, but then I was like, “whoa, I think he might be subverting the dominant paradigm!”.


Taiwanese will choose any Mainland Chinese airline over EVA Air if it means saving a few bucks and hurting Taiwanese jobs. Do you really think Taiwanese care?


is that true? i learnt the hard way to avoid mainland airline company’s. i would advise the same to everyone else!

and yea i don’t really think taiwanese care too much i was just asking as i don’t bother with the news here too much.


I have never been a fan of Gap, but those t shirts look pretty cool.


Of course it is. See for yourself how many Taiwanese with their green passports and Taibaozheng transfer in Shanghai Pudong or Beijing. Selling out Taiwan happens at every level - from corporate giant to average citizen. Yet the latter have developed a habit of complaining and not understanding that they themselves constitute a great part of the problem.


Starting any sentence with “Taiwanese people…”
(Or similar) to describe how everyone acts is equally as dismissable as sentences starting “Taiwanese girls…” or “foreigners…”. It just makes any genuine point the poster may have fall in to the background against ridiculous generalisations.


Just out of curiosity, what percentage of Taiwanese have passports?


The Gap is still in business?


Considering that according to statistical data maintained by MoFA, a total of 654,974 passport were issued between January and April 2018, I would simply assume the compounded annual of issued passports for 2018 to be 1,964,922. As far as the number of existing valid passports is concerned, I am not sure and did not find any information on the MoFA website either.

What I find more interesting however is the number of Taiwanese who have voluntarily applied for a Taibaozheng, which under the laws of People’s Republic of China can only be issued to “Chinese residents of Taiwan”.


For comparison, if you add up all the US passports issued from 2008 to 2017, you get about 154m, compared to about 136m that are currently valid. Some are lost/stolen/etc.


So let’s say the ratio of issued to valid is about 1:1.13.

Now, if we extrapolate ROC passports issued in that four month period to 10 years (though we probably should take a larger sample), we get about 19.6m. That gives us about 17.3m valid ROC passports out of a population of 23.6m i.e. about 73% of the population, considerably more than the 42% or so of Americans with valid passports (US population 325.7m).

And what’s that number?