Time for Taiwan to go nuclear?

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China wants to fuck around in the asian pacific? Korea, Japan, and Taiwan should become nuclear. The only thing holding them back is the US, but the US has to be realistic about their military support with China growing.

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Japan and SK both have the protection of the U.S. nuclear umbrella and both have the capacity to develop their own nukes within six months.

Taiwan, has neither.

I don’t think SK or Japan would launch a nuke for us and get dragged in.

Tsai has the mandate of the people. She should turn the reactors back on. Taiwan needs to stop being so shortsighted and take its defense seriously.

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i agree Taiwan should have its own nuclear weapons as a deterrent. its the clumsiness of the local military i fear more :slight_smile:

And then by “accident” fire one of them. Uhm… no Thank you.

Yes, Taiwan needs nuclear weapons. It was sad that a traitor stopped Taiwan becoming nuclear back in the 60s, I think.

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It was the US that stopped Taiwan from going nuclear. Basically the US promises to protect Taiwan (I mean sell Taiwan overpriced useless weapons) if we gave up nuclear program.

Yes, agreed.