Time Management Apps and Tools

What’s good to track time management/spent and has reports (weekly, monthly, graphs, etc.) to show where I spent my time like sleeping, eating, exercising, at work, working on different projects, playing on Forumosa, sweeping things under the rug, etc?

And something that helps with focus, motivation, etc?

Not looking for a todo list, calendar, etc.

My basic research found things like Clockify, Rescue Time, Focus Keeper (Using pomodoro technique), Toggl, etc. Also wondering if Google Tables or Airtable or something similar would be good for individual use.

Edit: Downloaded “aTimeLogger” app for a try.


Why not just use Excel?

And another Tango42 Topic saved!

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Uninstalled. Too hard to track time. Cannot just add a time period, must add specific start/stop times.

Installed: Boosted time tracking app.

If you’re still looking, I’d recommend Toggl or Skoro for personal use (time tracking, billing, work reporting, project & task management). I can recommend WorkTime (employee monitoring software) specifically for work. It will help you track active and idle time, as well as productivity.

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