Time to take out the trash


I don’t get how the garbage trucks work I missed it twice today
But now I’m stuck with a smelly rubbish bag with rotting fruit in it that’s currently contained in the bathroom. The problem is the truck always comes when I’m at work and doesn’t come Sunday so Saturday is my only chance to take it out.

Is there some way I can get rid of it without waiting another week?


I’ve heard people suggest offering to pay a neighbor to take it to the truck.

As for the food waste, I keep mine in a bag in the freezer when I can’t get it taken care of immediately.


Check where you live. If there is a ‘garbage car parking’ place you can go throw is away directly there.

I normally throw it out there if I miss the garbage truck. The employees even point out to me in which car I just throw my trash bag in.

In Daan they have quite a few, mostly under the Expressways, like the Jiango etc. I almost never catch the trucks in their odd hours


Find a public park nearby. It will have a garbage bin.


Where do you search to find these garbage carparks?

It’s a bit big to be throwing out at a park now lol. I’m not sure I could convince anyone to take it, either at this point :no_mouth:


Have no idea idea where to search. I just knew under the express way because I see in when I am doing my runs to the gas station.




Just take it to a 711 or find a public bin. When I lived in a building that didn’t have trash service I would make the nightly walk to a public bin.


I’ve heard–well,read on Forumosa–that this is why public bins are difficult to find in Taiwan.


I think that if they catch you taking the garbage to the MRT they will fine you.

I can see the Taiwan News headline too, with accompanying video.


Did a 4km walk from 228 Park to Dunhua road. Always kept on the same side of the road, I wanted to throw away the plastic bottle from my drink and couldn’t all the way because unbelievably there were no trash cans on my path. Impressive!


Some neighborhoods have a friendly garbage disposing person. You pay them a couple of hundred a month and drop your garbage in their trolley whenever you like, and then they will wait for the truck for you. Might be something to keep an eye out for.


In Taoyuan we have an app that tracks the garbage trucks with GPS so you know when they’re coming. Apart from that they usually come the same time every day give or take 5 minutes.

Searched Google play, but no such thing for up north. Hsinchu has one, though.


Yeah, well, I don’t care. I did what I had to survive and keep some semblance of first world sanitation in my apartment.


gift it to the family mart rubbish bin


its a useless system. i just got back from HK and public bins were plentyful. were there rats everywhere? no. was every bin full because if you have public bins everyone will dump their trash outside? no. infact the bins here are more full because there are less of them. at the weekends the park near me looks like a dump, bins overflowing and rubbish everywhere.


This is on my block at home. Nice blue bin in the middle of nowhere lol.
I bet he gets lonely there.
The foot traffic on this road is very low too.


1.Asked your neighbors about garbage schedules.
2.Usually there would be someone to hire to collect your garbage if no one then ask your neighbor to help you then you know pay her some cash.
3. Don’t throw your garbage in Public bin , MRT.


If you live in Taipei city, there are usually several pickup points around where you live with varying pickup times. Granted, you may not make the pickup that’s closest to your home, but there’s usually a couple more options at other times. You may have to walk a bit farther or stay up a bit later, but they’re there. Just go to your neighborhood ward chief’s office for the pickup info.


Indeed, this is illegal and they do enforce it.