Time warp?

Am I the only one that is replying to posts only to find that the post I replied to appears after my reply?

Twilight Zone, ma? :astonished:

Turn your monitor the right way up.

I had that thought earlier but I did check!

Turn your monitor the right way up.

[color=red]SCREW THE EU [/color]

Wales was built by a farmer from shrewsbury in 1883…

Its just happened again!


I’ll tell you what the timewarp is: all these formerly banned members from times past re-appearing and posting again.

Maybe you were :snore: and the batteries in your clock ran out.

People get banned here. I would have nevered of guessed. :whistle:

The forumosa exile has ended…all banned members have been given a reprieve to post again under their former names.

Roach, why do you have my signature in your third post.
You thieving bastard.