Timely project: children ages 6-8 needed for company photoshoot on 11/01

We are Melody Publishing (www.melody.com.tw), a large publishing company in Kaohsiung. We will be taking promo photos next Friday (11/01) and need children to join the photoshoot. This is a yearly project; the photos will be used only for company-related purposes (company brochures, catalogues, and webpage).

We are looking for children ages 6-8 or 130-140 cm in height (as we have already prepared the costumes for the photoshoot, height is an important consideration). The photoshoot will take place in the afternoon of 11/01 at our studio near Houyi KMRT station, from 2 PM to 5 PM (ending earlier if the shooting goes smoothly). We will pay 1500 NTD per child.

We have some models already but need at least one more girl. If anyone is interested, please send your child’s photos and height information to Evelyn at evelyn@melody.com.tw.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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