Timesplitters: Future Perfect

Any of you guys playing Timesplitters: Future Perfect online? http://tinyurl.com/9p23r If you are, let me know. I am enjoying it quite a bit. My gamertag is meiguolangren. The offline play has been quite enjoyable both in storymode and arcade mode. My daugher and her friends tend to choose the monkey characters to run around and blow stuff up (the little furry beggars are hard to shoot . . . fun to shoot 'em full of tranq darts though and watch their furry little bodies swell up and explode . . . yes, these are the values I teach my child, senseless violence can indeed be escapist entertainment). I like this one a LOT more than Halo 2 but that’s partly because my “official” copy of Halo 2 is a “bilingual edition” that has no English dialogue at all which throws me off big time. My daughter likes story mode but it’s pretty much useless for me (like multiplayer though). With Timesplitters there are 150 playable characters so it has much more variety (see the review link above). Really enjoying this one.

  • Brian