Timothy Leary, where are you?

Somebody quoted something from somewhere recently explanining what Timothy Leary really meant by “Tune in, turn on, drop out” but by Crikey I can’t find it. Anybody?

Google is your friend.

From Hipplanet glossary
“Tune In, Turn On, Drop Out” - Timothy Leary’s famous quote encouraging young people to discover their true nature through LSD and drop out of society’s program.

Turn On: Something that excites you. Also to get high.

Trip Out: To get spaced out. To get really stoned. To trip on LSD or other hallucinogen.

the thing I am looking for said something about not letting yourself fall into patterns based on subconscious motivations or something (tune in?)…It was just within the last week that somebody posted it here. I really got it stuck in my head that I want to put it in my great quote collection so…please! :notworthy:

By the way you know when Timmy died they cut off his head and put it in cryogenics. But that’s not the kicker the kicker is that THEY DID IT LIVE ON TV! I watched as they CUT TIMOTHY LEARIES HEAD OFF! YIPES!

There’s a quote about Timothy Leary at forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtopic.php?p=35219 , at the top of the page.

Do you mean this???

Bingo. Thanks xp+10k.

e. All I know is I saw them CUT TIMOTHY LEARY"S HEAD OFF!

So I take this is a picture of Timmy ascending to the heavens after they chopped off his head.

But why?

Back when they invented LSD, they didn’t really know much about dosage. So Leary and his buddies were taking maybe a hundred times what a normal stoner would ingest–and all the while telling all who would listen that drugs would solve society’s problems. We wouldn’t need prisons, for example, because drugs could be used to rehabilitate the prisoners by “erasing” bad thought patterns (hence the term “psychedelic”).

Before he died, he was convinced that he was in telepathic communication with aliens from outer space.


Timmy fell down the well! Quick Lassie, go get help!

Well of course they had to cut his head off. They were looking for the transmitter inside his brain.

And then they put it in an ice bucket so you were like, yup, that’s his head there in an ice bucket and there’s his body over there with no head on it. Do you have any idea how silly a person looks with their head cut off?

Kinda sexy, actually. Like in that famous R. Crumb comic (another product of the glorious 'Sixties).

I also always thought that it had more to do with trying different things and then “dropping out”/constantly changing so as not to become stuck in one mindset. But it was definitely taken up as a drug-mantra, and often by slackers too. Actually Leary often made a lot of sense and wasn’t a drugged-out slacker at all.

Well I “am” a drugged out slacker and as such take umbiliferous umbrage at the implication!

This looks like the mopvie you are talking about. Here is an interview with the guy who did it.
An excert:
"Throughout the interviews, Dr. Tim talked about his plans to have his head removed and frozen (using cryonics) when he died. He was dying of cancer when we shot this film and had only about six months to live. Dr. Tim figured there was one chance in ten million that he could be brought back to life one day if they froze his head, but he figured the odds were zero if they didn’t. Dr. Tim explained that if they unfroze his head some day, he didn’t want his old, sick body back. He wanted a new clone of himself or his brain popped into the body of a brain-dead person.

The official story is that Leary changed his mind about the deep freeze a month before he kicked the bucket. This might be true and might not, so don’t ask me, this is not a press conference. The point is, Timothy Leary finally announced that he didn’t want his head becoming an icon, and that he distrusted cryonics labs. So the official story is, he chose another publicity stunt for his farewell party instead - he was cremated and had some of his ashes shot into space.

But within a few months of Timothy Leary’s death, our movie came out with an ending scene that showed Dr. Tim’s demise, decapitation, and the storage of his frozen head. That’s when the LSD guru’s most serious-minded devotees got VERY upset with me and threatened to banish me if I ever showed up at one of their raves. Apparently, they kicked me out of Hippie-Land forever, and never again would I show up in San Francisco with flowers in my hair. Many of the former leaders of the Psychedelic Revolution denounced me because I had the audacity to do something UNTHINKABLE. They forgot that the very lesson Timothy taught us was that NOTHING is UNTHINKABLE, so do it (as long as it doesn’t hurt anybody)."

Phew, what a head trip.

Leary was no slacker but a respectable Harvard professor, until they fired his ass. Little infractions like, giving students drugs (and not always telling them, either).

[quote=“Screaming Jesus”]
Leary was no slacker but a respectable Harvard professor, until they fired his ass. Little infractions like, giving students drugs (and not always telling them, either).[/quote]

ah yes. I can see why this got to be problematic…