Tiny Micro Apartment Living Taipei


I’m fascinated by these small places if versatile. Have a friend who has a city apartment similar to this but more useful. And can be used as a getaway.


That kitchen is a dream compared with the “kitchens” I’ve seen/had in comparably sized apartments, in Taoyuan at least. Great design overall.


micro? this is huge compared to most studio apartments here. the bathroom and kitchen are at a luxury level for taiwan.


The bedroom on the second floor looks very much like an illegal addition.


17.6 square meters is around 5 ping, which is definitely NOT big compared to standard studios. It’s small af. It’s just designed/filmed to make it look a lot bigger than it is. It’s basically why it’s being reported.


it might be small but its still bigger than your typical taiwan studio apartment which is just a box with a bed and attached shower. compared to one of those this is living in the lap of luxury.


It’s not bigger. They are just poorly designed. When ppl say studio in Taiwan (套房) they refer to those that are between 5-10 ping. Haven’t you noticed that this place’s bed is near the ceiling? The designer sacrificed the bed area in exchange of the kitchen.


Agreed, that place is tiny. But very well designed! Helps to have tall enough ceilings to pull it off.


yea i noticed it has a lot of vertical space… which you clearly didn’t. putting a bed like that is very common here, but this one is actually well designed so i see no problem with it. all i am saying is this is not tiny, or micro compared to typical taiwan studio apartments. its comparable, or bigger even. it might be micro for people viewing the website from overseas but here its actually above the normal living standard of a studio.


I like the concept of tiny or micro where it has all or most of the amenities of a home but well-thought-out comfortable small spaces.

Windows with views can help maximize the feeling of a larger space.


I wonder how much the owner paid for the 5 ping studio, and for the interior redesign?

I find the lack of prices in the article strange. Anyone could have a nice apartment like that on an unlimited budget.


Very clever. An ex-gf had a place like that; floor space definitely was about 3x4 meters, but on one-and-a-half levels. I have a bit of a fascination with microhouses - I’ll be attempting a 1.8x1.4m building in a couple of weeks, just to test some construction ideas, which I hope to scale up to twice that footprint. If it works out I’ll post some photos. If it doesn’t, I’ll pretend it didn’t happen :blush:

The main issue with small houses is the kitchen (=cooking smells) and clutter. If you have a lot of stuff it’s just a nonstarter.


5.3 ping is indeed tiny! Yes, this particular design is well thought out. But that doesn’t change the fact that it’s 5.3 ping! Most of the 套房 I’ve looked at before finding my current place were around 6-10 ping. Lived in a place that was about 8 ping.


Hear hear


and this one has a high ceiling… normal studio apartments don’t have room for much else other than a bed. the bed isn’t even on the lower level in this one. it makes a difference.


I don’t think I can fit in there. Looks like I have to walk sideways to get around.


I would love something like that.


I think someone who like a very minimalistic style would like it. Also great if you don’t like to clean because theres not much to clean. Easy to keep tidy if you don’t have clutter.


I could not live in a place like that.


Why not? I couldn’t due to family logistics, but if I were single that place would be great. Man up and list the faults you have found.