Tiny Micro Apartment Living Taipei


The pictures clearly makes it look bigger. You can see it really clearly in the bathroom with how the perspective is. I bet a average size male would feel really uncomfortable once you step inside.


Realtors sell compact and bijou for a reason.


I personally really miss the country side. Even though my house in Taiwan and apartment I rented in Malaysia are pretty big. I miss the high ceilings giving me a feeling of space to breath. I sleep like a baby when I go back to Texas or in Tuscany country villa. I really dislike low ceilings.


Just throw in some convertible furniture.


Texas is totally different. You never breathe as easily as when you’re back there, once you’ve lived there. Just driving down the highway from the airport I always feel like “there’s finally space”. Even though for me, there’s really not (in Texas, anymore, anyway).


I never thought I would miss texas of all places lol Couldn’t wait to move. I love it there with a lot of land and just straight flat empty roads. Cheap gas and cheapest car prices for big engines.


“At your Texas Ford dealer”… no other state has “At your StateName Anything dealer” except Texas.


Wow thats a nice little flat. I kind of prefered placea like that when i was single, so easy and cosy. Married with a kid now and our living room is ywice that size,pain to clean with the mountain of kids toys


There is barely space to stretch your legs and arms.